Office 365 - Diagnose and Cure - Implementation Instructions

Riverbed’s Performance Platform allows you to ensure that your deployment of Office365 productivity solutions is optimized for all your employees, no matter where they are or how they work. Using the Riverbed Performance Platform suite of tools you can easily Diagnose and Cure any performance problems that your users may experience.


First, watch this demo video to see how an Office365 SharePoint performance problem is quickly identified, diagnosed, and cured using the Riverbed Performance Platform. Once you’ve watched the demo, I’ll walk you through the steps we used to set up the environment used in the demo and how we actually used that environment to diagnose and cure the performance problem so quickly.



The Riverbed products used in diagnosing and curing this performance problem are:




To create your own demonstration, follow these steps:

  1. Configure an Office365 trial account and setup BrowserMetrix (BMX) by following these instructions:
    Office365 Trial and BrowserMetrix Setup
  2. Setup AppResponseXpert (ARX):
    Office365 AppResponse Setup
  3. Setup Steelhead Cloud Accelerator (SCA):
    Office365 Steelhead Cloud Accelerator Setup

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