TCP RST Finder


Ishan Kapoor


More details:

TCP RST Finder

A simple script that can be run directly from the ACE's Advanced->Run  Script menu. This displays decodes for the network packets which have  TCP reset flag checked and also draws labels on the packets in the data  exchange chart.


To install the extension:


The Easy Way:

  1. Install the ATX Extension Manager if not already installed.
  2. Download the file for this extension and open it.  ATX Extension Manager will automatically embed it into the product.


The Hard Way:

  1. .opext files are just zip files.  Unzip the file into a directory on your hard drive (you may have to rename the file to .zip)
  2. In AppTransaction Xpert, choose ""File->Manage Model Files->Add Model Directory""
  3. Choose the directory that you just extracted the files into
  4. Restart the program and open a trace.
  5. The extension should now be available.  You will either see a new option on the ""Visualizations"" menu or you will be able to click advanced-> run script to execute the code.