Websphere MQ Data Adapter


Ian Downard


More details:

This data adapter monitors IBM WebSphere MQ, and was built using the Java DA SDK for AppInternals Xpert.  The MQ DA runs in user space with a Java command that can be performed without administrative privileges.  It polls the MQ server for data once every second and creates metrics for each queue that is discovered when the DA starts or while it runs.  Metrics are provided for queue depths and queue growth (i.e. enqueues/sec and dequeues/sec) and the queue descriptions provided by MQ are added to the corresponding metric descriptions.



  1. Java 6.0 or later runtime environment (JRE)
  2. WebSphere MQ V5.1, or later
  3. A Queue manager may only be monitored by one MQ DA at a time, otherwise incorrect performance data will be reported.




  1. Unzip all the files in the MQDA_package.zip into Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib.
  2. Ensure the following files are in your CLASSPATH:
  3. Change to the Panorama\Hedzup\mn\bin directory
  4. Run this command for monitoring a local MQ server:

    java MQDA -qm queue_manager

    Run this command for monitoring a remote MQ server:

    java MQDA -h host -p port -c channel

    Sample run command:

    C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\bin>"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_21\bin\java" -cp "C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib\mqda.jar;C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib\awdasdk.jar;C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib\com.ibm.mq.pcf-6.0.3.jar;C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib\com.ibm.mq.jar;C:\Panorama\hedzup\mn\lib\log4j.jar" MQDA -qm WMQ1QM


By default, the MQ DA polls the MQ server once per second.  This polling interval can be changed by defining "polling_interval=__" in the DA properties file, Panorama/hedzup/mn/data/DA-MQ.properties. For example, polling_interval=5 would change the polling interval to once every five seconds.

Once the DA has been discovered by the AppInternals Xpert SMP console, it creates the log file, Panorama\Hedzup\mn\bin\logs\applogs\DA-MQ-1.log.  You may want to review that log file for errors.




The MQ DA has been tested against Websphere MQ 7.0 running on Windows XP.  Although these results are anecdotal, Perfmon reported that the MQ DA process averaged between 1.8 and 2.1% processor time and consumed between 23MB and 29MB of memory on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop with an Intel Core 2 Duo running at 2.2GHz, monitoring 55 queues.  This overhead can be reduced by defining a longer polling interval in the DA properties file, as stated above.




  1. IBM’s MS0B: WebSphere MQ Java classes for PCF:
  2. MQ trial download: