FlyScript Portal (version 0.2.2)

The FlyScript Portal is a simple web server application that ties together querying data from multiple devices and visualizing the data on one or more reports.  The modular architecture supports easily extending both data sources for retrieving data from new devices as well as extending the UI visualizations with JavaScript.


See flyscript-portal/README on GitHub for installation instructions and details on configuration.



  • Large number of performance and UI improvements
  • Added "table_criteria", "heirarchical table_criteria", and associated example reports highlighting their usage
  • Enhanced devices screen, allows enabling/disabling specific devices
    • If you have only a Shark or only a Profiler, you can disable any unavailable devices and any dependent widgets will handle it gracefully
  • Added a command-line "run_table" command
    • In the location where the portal is installed, running the following command will give a list of available options:
      • "python run_table --help"
  • Move Timezone and Force Cache choices to Preferences page only
  • In order to conform with Google's Maps API, that feature now needs to be explicitly enabled on the Preferences page
  • New "Debug This Report" option when "Developer" is checked off on Preferences page
    • When running the report in this mode (seen under the drop arrow next to the "Run" command) the logs will be turned over, the complete report will execute, then the option will be presented to download a zipped up collection of the logs
    • Use this zip to either post in a Splash question, or email directly for help with a specific issue



  • Despite the dot update, this is includes a pretty big set of changes!
  • New login page and walkthrough on initial setup
  • New tshark / PCAP analysis datasource
    • See example report, "PCAP Analysis"
  • New AnalysisTable datasource
    • Create custom tables using any python functions
    • See example report, "Whois"
  • Cleaned up user interface
  • User Timezone support



  • Includes new help pages for Profiler and Shark columns
  • Updates, bug fixes, and refactorings



  • Data sources for Profiler-based reports and Shark-based views
  • Widgets:
    • YUI3 based widgets: Time-series, Table, Pie and Bar
    • Google Maps widget
  • Reports support mixing widgets from different data-sources on the same page
  • Depends on FlyScript SDK Package (version 0.6.1)



Copyright (c) 2013 Riverbed Technology, Inc.


FlyScript Portal is licensed under the terms and conditions of the MIT License set forth at (“License”).  FlyScript Portal is distributed “AS IS” as set forth in the License.  FlyScript Portal also includes certain third party code.  All such third party code is also distributed “AS IS” and is licensed by the respective copyright holders under the applicable terms and conditions (including, without limitation, warranty and liability disclaimers) identified at