Using Stingray with OPNET AppResponse Xpert BrowserMetrix


AppResponse Xpert SaaS Edition is a great tool for monitoring end-user experience (EUE) of web applications, even when they are hosted in the cloud. And because it is delivered as true Software-as-a-Service, you can monitor application performance form anywhere, and drill down to analyse individual transactions by URL, location or browser type, and highlight requests which took too long to respond.


In order to track statistics, your web application needs to send statistics on each transaction to BrowserMetrix, using a small piece of JavaScript, and Stingray makes it very easy to inject the extra JavaScript code without needing to change the application itself.


This Solution Guide (attached) shows you how to use Stingray TrafficScript to inject the JavaScript snippet into your web applications, by inspecting all web pages and inserting into the right place in each document:


  • No modification needed to your application
  • Easy to select which pages you want to instrument
  • Use with all applications in your data center, or hosted in the cloud
  • Even works with compressed HTML pages (eg, gzip encoded)
  • Create dynamic JavaScript code to track session-level information
  • Use Riverbed FlyScript to automate the integration between BrowserMetrix and Stingray


How does it work?


Stingray Traffic Manager sits in front of the web applications on the right, and inspects each web page before it is sent to the client. Stingray checks to see if the page has been selected for analysis by AppResponse Xpert BrowserMetrix, and then constructs the JavaScript fragment and injects into the web page at the right place in the HTML document.


When the web page arrives at the client browser, the JavaScript snippet is executed.  It builds a transaction profile with timing information and submits the information to the Opnet SaaS platform managed by Riverbed.  You can then analyze the results, in near-realtime, using the BrowserMetrix web portal.


Thanks also to Faisal Memon for his help creating the Solution Guide.


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