Getting started with SteelScript for Python

SteelScript for Python provides everything you need to write Python scripts and applications that interact with Riverbed devices.


Step 1: Python


To start, you'll need to install Python.  The Python interpreter is available on all major platforms.  Simply go to, pick the package for your operating system, and follow the instructions.


If you are brand new to Python, here are few sites that will help you learn the basics:


Step 2: Install the SteelScript

If you already have pip, just run the following (in a virtualenv):

$ pip install steelscript $ steel install 


Not sure about pip, but you know you have Python?

  1. Download
  2. Run it (in a virtualenv):
    $ python install 

See the SteelScript Installation guide for detailed instructions for your platform.


Step 3: Tutorials

There are a few tutorials that will step you through the process of writing a script and connecting to a Riverbed appliance:


Step 4: Conquer the World!

From here, it's up to you!