FlyScript Command-line OAuth Support

The latest update to FlyScript includes a new feature to use OAuth tokens as part of command-line applications in place of the current username/password combination.


The base application object now has these new options built-in, so nothing should be required for your existing scripts to take advatage of this new feature for Profiler applications (Shark support is coming in the future).


To use OAuth tokens, follow these steps to generate a token for your scripts:


    - Login to Profiler web-based UI

    - Choose the menu option Configuration -> Account Management -> OAuth Access

    - Click the button on the right side of the "OAuth Access Codes" table called "Generate new"

    - Enter a description for the token usage, such as "Script Access" and click Okay

    - A window with a newly generated access code will appear

    - Include this code with the "--oauth" option on your command-line script instead of the -u/-p combination

    - Done!


Note that this OAuth screen will show all of the currently active codes that have been generated, and will indicate the last time they were used.