FlyScript SDK Package (version 0.6.1)

This package includes the full FlyScript Python SDK, along with documentation and examples.


See the online documentation for full installation instructions.


Once installed, see Getting started with SteelScript for Python for next steps!



  • Clean up exception handling around connections with the initial request on a session
  • Added timedelta_str
  • Fix problem with unicode for json response and csv output
  • Changes to cookie based authentication to allow for proxy servers and improving access to raw http reponses.
  • Add round_time function
  • Add Shark 5.1 documentation
  • Many bug, test and documentation fixes




Copyright (c) 2014 Riverbed Technology, Inc.

The FlyScript SDK is licensed under the terms and conditions of the MIT License set forth at (“License”).  The FlyScript SDK is distributed “AS IS” as set forth in the License. The FlyScript SDK also includes certain third party code.  All such third party code is also distributed “AS IS” and is licensed by the respective copyright holders under the applicable terms and conditions (including, without limitation, warranty and liability disclaimers) identified at