Steelhead SNMP and Email Notification (Technical Brief)

This document describes how Riverbed Steelhead appliances can be managed with industry-wide standards such as SNMP and email notification. SNMP v1, SNMP v2, and SNMP v3 are supported, although some MIB items may only be accessible through SNMP v2. Additional management tasks on the Steelhead appliance such as configuring scheduled jobs, setting-up log server notification, and upgrading software are not covered in this document, but can be found in Chapter 8 of the Steelhead Management Console User’s Guide.


Information on managing the Steelhead via the CMC is also not covered here, but can be found in the CMC Users Guide. This document may act as a guide for network administrators who are familiar with deploying Steelhead appliances and want to take advantage of SNMP and email alerts for seamless integration into existing network management systems. By default, email and SNMP notifications are disabled. If notifications are configured, the Steelhead appliance sends all or any of email, SNMP and event log notifications when a change of health check state occurs.