Community Guidelines



Welcome to Splash, the Riverbed Community for customers, partners, developers, and anyone interested in how Riverbed is changing the game of IT performance.


The following are our Community Guidelines. They're intended as a roadmap for us all to have a constructive, respectful community experience.  Please read them through and keep them in mind as you participate, and let an administrator know if you have any questions.



1) Find your interests and jump right in! We cover many different topics here, so browse for the area that best fits your needs and kick off a new conversation! We think you'll find that others are just as interested.


2) Be welcoming and supportive. If you see someone asking for help, try to answer their question! If you see someone new, offer to help them get adjusted to the community. A welcoming gesture can make a huge difference in someone's day, and it has a big impact on whether they'll stick around to get the help they need here. 


3) Ask for help when you need it.  If you're stuck, lost, confused, frustrated, or just plain curious, find an admin or active community member and ask for help! We're very friendly here, and will be glad to point you in the right direction. 


4) Keep it professional. We're an international business community, so please keep conversations professional. Profanity and off-color humor are not appropriate here.


5) Treat people with respect. Regardless of whether or not you agree with someone, it’s important to stay courteous and respectful. Debate is welcome; personal attacks (or any form of disrespect) are not.


6) Be constructive and stay on topic. Your contributions help build our community, so please use them to share knowledge, ask questions, and help others. Examples of non-constructive participation includes spam, advertising, flooding or duplicating posts, mocking, threats, unrelated topics, and negative or discouraging posts. These are not welcome here.


7) Keep legal and policy factors in mind. Do you have confidential information? Please don't share it in a public space. Do you have a copyrighted image you want to share? Please get permission first. Do you feel the urge to impersonate someone? Please fight that urge -- it's just not okay. Do you have questions about Riverbed's policies? Please review our Legal Notices.


8) Respect the moderators and admins. Splash is managed by a team of moderators and admins who work hard to keep the community useful and welcoming to as many people as possible. These people may sometimes need to edit or remove posts or accounts. If you questions about an administrative action, please contact the admin or moderator privately.