• AppResponse Metrics to Reports

    Hi all,   I'm looking at moving over to AR 11.4 from AR 9.6. We currently have a service setup that is requesting and consuming AR metrics via the Web API.   I've been browsing for a clear way of accomplis...
    Jared Poli
    created by Jared Poli
  • Python script doesn't throw a syntax error while it does when run interactively.

    Interactive python returns a syntax error when a "bad" command is sent, but running from a script returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?   I am using SteelScript and Python to run through a list of configuratio...
    Ross Tanner
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  • Repeated SteelScript 1.5 VM

    I installed the new vm in Workstation 1.4. I have added a few devices to the framework using the WebUI to run example reports but any example report I run generates the error.... lnternal server error: Dependent Job...
    Terrence Wilson
    created by Terrence Wilson
  • Steelscript 1.5 OVA install via ovftool

    FYI I had to use ovftool to get this package to install on my ESX host.  I kept getting the error “Failed to deploy VM: postNFCData failed” between 95-97% when trying to deploy with vSphere web client...
    Chris Hendricks
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  • Using steelscript to create a multi-line banner on a Steelhead fails - how do I get multiple lines in one line?

    I would like to use Steelscript to create a multiple line banner on a Steelhead. Doing this interactively involves using quotes and carriage return, and the prompt changes to ">". When separate lines are sent using...
    Ross Tanner
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  • appresponse restful api

    Hello ,   How can i access the appreponse restful api without the appresponse framework?   Is there any document for restful api?   Thanks
    Anil Gorgec
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  • SteelScript.AppResponse 1.1.1 using aggregates

    Hello ,   I have a question. How can I access the columns that can be used when using the source_name aggregates via general_report.py?   https://support.riverbed.com/apis/steelscript/appresponse/example...
    Anil Gorgec
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  • appresponse framework 1.0

    Hello ,   I have a problem. I tried to connect to the framework with AppResponse .But I did not pass the following error. Appresponse version :Version: 11.2.1 #14398   Can you help me ?   My Code: ...
    Anil Gorgec
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  • AppResponse 11 reports

    How could we extract response times for a given hostgroup (or connections , errors etc..) from ARX11 using steelscript? Are there any capabilities like in ARX9 (e.g restful web services) ?
    Stefanos Anastasiou
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  • Outbound traffic breakdown by host pair with port

    Hi, I want to recreate the table below using steelscript (table data left out on purpose).  I obtained the table below by using the 'interface report' selection. (Further screenshot at the bottom)    ...
    Sara Whang
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  • Trouble passing login credentials to script in NetProfiler tutorial

    I am running through the SteelScript NetProfiler Tutorial (4.2.6).   I am trying to login and run the following script:   import optparse   from steelscript.netprofiler.core.filters import TimeFilter...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • Report Output From NetProfiler SteelScript Tutorial

    Hello,   I am going through the NetProfiler SteelScript tutorial.   After running the sample script to generate myreport.py, I get the following report output:   [[u'', 1773655.72778, u'']...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • SteelScript NetShark API Slowness

    Hello,   So I am currently attempting to create a python script leveraging the SteelScript example file download.py. This script is supported to connect to a NetShark appliance, which it does, and then apply sev...
    Tyler Johnson
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  • How to enable HTTPS from default HTTP configuration?

    How do I enable HTTPS communication on Steelscript App Framework versus default HTTP communication?   Simply commenting out the HTTP section and uncommenting the HTTPS section of the steelscript_appfwk_site_http...
    Neil Osuch
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  • I'm not a python coder

    I'm not a python coder  I'd like to use perl. I have create objects for many of the REST services. In the python SteelScript examples there appears to be a script which can send CLI commands and return the resul...
    Gary Panton
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  • Error Processing Report Configuration

    Hi All, I was getting an error titled 'Error Processing Report Configuration' while trying to reload reports after copying a report from on of my other modules. Even after deleting the report, I was still getting the...
    Leigh Finch
    created by Leigh Finch
  • TypeError: rvbd.widgets[widgetModule] is undefined

    Hi All, I'm running the SteelScript 1.2 VM, and I'm trying to embed a widget into SteelCentral Portal. When I use the embed code I get a blank screen.   If I enter the URL within the code in my browser with dev...
    Leigh Finch
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  • Automating Workflow Using SteelScript/REST API

    Hi,   I'm looking at developing an automated workflow that is triggered by an SNMP trap sent from NetProfiler. Specifically I want to run a top talkers report from SteelScript (or via the REST API) when I receiv...
    Wil Bowes
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  • Shark update REST API

    Hey,   I'm looking to script an updgrade for our sharks/vsharks,  but I'm having issues with the "file upload".  Here is what my current script looks like:   #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: u...
    Rossel Vermette
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  • REST API - Internal Report Error 196609

    When I try to run a report I always get an error like so: [Internal Report Error. Unable to create table (error code: 196609).]   My test JSON file is very similar to one provided as an example on this forum (th...
    Mike Smith
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