• Python script doesn't throw a syntax error while it does when run interactively.

    Interactive python returns a syntax error when a "bad" command is sent, but running from a script returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?   I am using SteelScript and Python to run through a list of configuratio...
    Ross Tanner
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  • SteelScript VM 1.5 Released

    Happy Holidays to all from the Riverbed SteelScript team!   This updated version of the SteelScript VM largely focuses on new AppResponse reports for App Framework, as well as a new column and source chooser und...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • SteelScript.AppResponse 1.1 now available

    We have just released steelscript.appresponse 1.1 on GitHub and Python Package Repository, PyPI.   With an existing Python 2.7 environment, installation should be as simple as: > pip install --upgrade stee...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • SteelScript for AppResponse 11 now available

    We have just published our first version of SteelScript for AppResponse 11, surprisingly named steelscript-appresponse! As always, our code is open source and available on GitHub or for download from the Python Packag...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • Trouble passing login credentials to script in NetProfiler tutorial

    I am running through the SteelScript NetProfiler Tutorial (4.2.6).   I am trying to login and run the following script:   import optparse   from steelscript.netprofiler.core.filters import TimeFilter...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • Report Output From NetProfiler SteelScript Tutorial

    Hello,   I am going through the NetProfiler SteelScript tutorial.   After running the sample script to generate myreport.py, I get the following report output:   [[u'', 1773655.72778, u'']...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • How to enable HTTPS from default HTTP configuration?

    How do I enable HTTPS communication on Steelscript App Framework versus default HTTP communication?   Simply commenting out the HTTP section and uncommenting the HTTPS section of the steelscript_appfwk_site_http...
    Neil Osuch
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  • SteelScript Appfwk Video: Bulk Config Devices and Batch SteelHead Report

    Attached is a video that demonstrates how to bulk configure devices and run a customized command on multiple SteelHead devices with the latest SteelScript VM 1.3 release.
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • SteelScript VM 1.3 Release

    Welcome to SteelScript VM 1.3!   Links to the updated images: OVA image: steelscript-vm-1.3-20170413.ova (1.3 GB) (checksum) VM Source Code: steelscript-vm-source-1.3-20170413.tar.gz (1.9 GB) (checksum)  ...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • Release of SteelScript VM 1.2

    Our brand new image of the SteelScript VM is now available including an updated user interface for our SteelScript App Framework and many underlying improvements to our core code.   Take a look at the new lo...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • SteelScript VM 1.1 Released

    We have collected all of the code updates since our latest VM released and packaged them together with a host of configuration optimizations for a brand new VM image.   The core OS has been updated from CentOS 7...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • Using NetProfiler to Monitor DHCP Address Distribution

    NetProfiler can provide many tools beyond just network monitoring. One useful tool is the ability to see how many network addresses are currently in use on specific subnets. With some straightforward SteelScript and P...
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  • 10K UI Limit, removed with script?

    Hi, I ran a few reports using the "trafficsummary.py" script that is provided with steelscript.  I was under the impression that programmatically pulling this data allowed you to go beyond the 10,000 line limit t...
    Jamie Lozan
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  • Getting started with SteelScript for Python

    SteelScript for Python provides everything you need to write Python scripts and applications that interact with Riverbed devices.   Step 1: Python  To start, you'll need to install Python.  The Python ...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • SteelScript 1.0!

    > steel install --upgrade  SteelScript has graduated into the big leagues, and has now reached version 1.0!   Many thanks go out to all of you!  You have provided great feedback, feature requests, ...
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  • Packet Analysis with SteelScript-NetShark

    A view is the most important concept of NetShark appliances when it comes to reporting and analysis. Simply put, a view consists of a packet source, optional filters to limit which packets are analyzed, and a set of m...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • Steelscript Application Framework postgresql initialization

    Hello, I am trying to run Steelscript Apllication Framework with a postgresql backend.   I encounter the following error message when I followed the official documentation tips concerning the database initializ...
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  • Download Sysdump from SteelHead via SteelScript

    Hi   I know it's possible to use the SteelScript SteelHead Extension to create a SysDump via CLI commands, but my issue is on how to get hold of them.   The only thing I have seen which seems to be possibl...
    Andre Dieball
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  • Using SteelScript to compare Cisco QoS configurations to SteelHead QoS Configurations

    Has anyone attempted this yet?  I would like to create a report the displays the Cisco Router QoS config vs. SteelHead QoS config vs. QoS utilization and I don't know where to start.  I'm hoping someone else...
    James Lagermann
    created by James Lagermann
  • Steelscript SteelHead : how to validate connection before using the object ...

    Per DOC " As soon as the SteelHead object is created, a connection is established to the appliance, and the authentication credentials are validated. If the username and password are not correct, you will imme...
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