• AppResponse Metrics to Reports

    Hi all,   I'm looking at moving over to AR 11.4 from AR 9.6. We currently have a service setup that is requesting and consuming AR metrics via the Web API.   I've been browsing for a clear way of accomplis...
    Jared Poli
    created by Jared Poli
  • Python script doesn't throw a syntax error while it does when run interactively.

    Interactive python returns a syntax error when a "bad" command is sent, but running from a script returns nothing. What am I doing wrong?   I am using SteelScript and Python to run through a list of configuratio...
    Ross Tanner
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  • Repeated SteelScript 1.5 VM

    I installed the new vm in Workstation 1.4. I have added a few devices to the framework using the WebUI to run example reports but any example report I run generates the error.... lnternal server error: Dependent Job...
    Terrence Wilson
    created by Terrence Wilson
  • Steelscript 1.5 OVA install via ovftool

    FYI I had to use ovftool to get this package to install on my ESX host.  I kept getting the error “Failed to deploy VM: postNFCData failed” between 95-97% when trying to deploy with vSphere web client...
    Chris Hendricks
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  • Using steelscript to create a multi-line banner on a Steelhead fails - how do I get multiple lines in one line?

    I would like to use Steelscript to create a multiple line banner on a Steelhead. Doing this interactively involves using quotes and carriage return, and the prompt changes to ">". When separate lines are sent using...
    Ross Tanner
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  • SteelScript VM 1.5 Released

    Happy Holidays to all from the Riverbed SteelScript team!   This updated version of the SteelScript VM largely focuses on new AppResponse reports for App Framework, as well as a new column and source chooser und...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • appresponse restful api

    Hello ,   How can i access the appreponse restful api without the appresponse framework?   Is there any document for restful api?   Thanks
    Anil Gorgec
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  • SteelScript.AppResponse 1.1 now available

    We have just released steelscript.appresponse 1.1 on GitHub and Python Package Repository, PyPI.   With an existing Python 2.7 environment, installation should be as simple as: > pip install --upgrade stee...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • SteelScript.AppResponse 1.1.1 using aggregates

    Hello ,   I have a question. How can I access the columns that can be used when using the source_name aggregates via general_report.py?   https://support.riverbed.com/apis/steelscript/appresponse/example...
    Anil Gorgec
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  • Deploy SteelScript App Framework in Azure in a Click

    Overview  Want to test or develop reports, plugins and app with SteelScript App Framework in Azure? There is now an Azure template that automates the deployment of the SteelScript VM, easier to use than the manu...
    Gwen Blum
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  • appresponse framework 1.0

    Hello ,   I have a problem. I tried to connect to the framework with AppResponse .But I did not pass the following error. Appresponse version :Version: 11.2.1 #14398   Can you help me ?   My Code: ...
    Anil Gorgec
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  • AppResponse 11 reports

    How could we extract response times for a given hostgroup (or connections , errors etc..) from ARX11 using steelscript? Are there any capabilities like in ARX9 (e.g restful web services) ?
    Stefanos Anastasiou
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  • Upgrade SteelScript VM 1.3 to VM 1.4

    Many of you have already installed a previous version of the SteelScript VM, and rather than re-install a completely new VM, would prefer to upgrade in-place, preserving any existing reports or scripts you’ve al...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • Release of SteelScript VM 1.4

    We are releasing SteelScript VM 1.4 with support of AppResponse 11 and PCAP File Manager component in SteelScript Application Framework!   Links to the updated images: OVA image: steelscript-vm-1.4-20170817.ova (...
    Wenxuan Guo
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  • SteelScript for AppResponse 11 now available

    We have just published our first version of SteelScript for AppResponse 11, surprisingly named steelscript-appresponse! As always, our code is open source and available on GitHub or for download from the Python Packag...
    Mike Garabedian
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  • Outbound traffic breakdown by host pair with port

    Hi, I want to recreate the table below using steelscript (table data left out on purpose).  I obtained the table below by using the 'interface report' selection. (Further screenshot at the bottom)    ...
    Sara Whang
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  • Trouble passing login credentials to script in NetProfiler tutorial

    I am running through the SteelScript NetProfiler Tutorial (4.2.6).   I am trying to login and run the following script:   import optparse   from steelscript.netprofiler.core.filters import TimeFilter...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • Report Output From NetProfiler SteelScript Tutorial

    Hello,   I am going through the NetProfiler SteelScript tutorial.   After running the sample script to generate myreport.py, I get the following report output:   [[u'', 1773655.72778, u'']...
    Darryl Gratz
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  • SteelScript NetShark API Slowness

    Hello,   So I am currently attempting to create a python script leveraging the SteelScript example file download.py. This script is supported to connect to a NetShark appliance, which it does, and then apply sev...
    Tyler Johnson
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  • How to enable HTTPS from default HTTP configuration?

    How do I enable HTTPS communication on Steelscript App Framework versus default HTTP communication?   Simply commenting out the HTTP section and uncommenting the HTTPS section of the steelscript_appfwk_site_http...
    Neil Osuch
    last modified by Neil Osuch