We have just released steelscript.appresponse 1.1 on GitHub and Python Package Repository, PyPI.


With an existing Python 2.7 environment, installation should be as simple as:

> pip install --upgrade steelscript.appresponse


After installation, you can collect all example scripts in your environment using the steel mkworkspace command.


The biggest update of the new release is adding reporting support for all non-packets data sources. In particular, the updates include:

  • Support for reporting against non-packets data sources
  • Support for traffic filters when creating a report
  • Per source support for the command 'steel appresponse columns'
  • New command 'steel appresponse sources'
  • New example script 'general_report.py'


Our SteelScript documentation on the Support Site has been updated and can be found here:




For any questions or requests, feel free to reach us by posting a comment below, or submitting a request to our GitHub page here.