We are releasing SteelScript VM 1.4 with support of AppResponse 11 and PCAP File Manager component in SteelScript Application Framework!


Links to the updated images:

OVA image: steelscript-vm-1.4-20170817.ova (1.3 GB) (checksum)

VM Source Code: steelscript-vm-source-1.4-20170817.tar.gz (1.9 GB) (checksum)


You can find new AppResponse example scripts inside directory /home/vagrant/steelscript-workspace/appresponse-examples after logging in the VM via SSH using vagrant:vagrant. These example scripts (as described here) largely cover the SDK support for AppResponse 11.

In addition, we have provided an example Appfwk report that allows users to easily run a report against a given packets data source, such as a packet capture job or an uploaded PCAP file. Connect to the web server via your browser, login with admin:admin and you can find the new report under Reports->appresponse->AppResponse Report.

To help you find column names when coding your own packets report script, a column helper page has been developed in SteelScript Appfwk, which is available at Help-> AppResponse columns.


Another important update is adding PCAP File Manager component in SteelScript Appfwk. With previous versions of SteelScript VM, to run a report against a PCAP file, the file needs to be uploaded to the server from disk every time, which can take a long time. With PCAP file manager, you just need to upload the file for the first time only. Besides, PCAP file manager provides a nice interface to manage all uploaded PCAP files. You can find the manager under the admin menu: admin->Edit PCAP files.


That sums up the new features! If you have developed your own reports or plugins in VM 1.3, and wish to continue using them in VM 1.4, we will publish another post about how to upgrade your VM to the latest.