We have just published our first version of SteelScript for AppResponse 11, surprisingly named steelscript-appresponse! As always, our code is open source and available on GitHub or for download from the Python Package Repository, PyPI


With an existing Python 2.7 environment, installation should be as simple as:


> pip install steelscript.appresponse


This initial version should cover a majority of the use cases you've used SteelScript for with NetShark, including:


  • Packet analysis and reporting
  • PCAP uploads and downloads
  • Capture Job management


In addition, we have support for Host Group management including creating, updating, and deleting new groups.


Our SteelScript documentation on the Support Site has been updated with the new module and can be found here:



Several example scripts have been included to help get you started, and we will be expanding on the documentation for developing your own scripts in the near future.


If you have particular use cases you'd like to see supported by this package, feel free to let us know by posting a comment below, or submitting a request to our GitHub page here:  https://github.com/riverbed/steelscript-appresponse/issues