Welcome to SteelScript VM 1.3!


Links to the updated images:

OVA image: steelscript-vm-1.3-20170413.ova (1.3 GB) (checksum)

VM Source Code: steelscript-vm-source-1.3-20170413.tar.gz (1.9 GB) (checksum)


We have lots of exciting updates!


New SteelHead Reports

     - An Appfwk report (Reprots -> steelhead -> Single SteelHead Report) that shows current status for one SteelHead device

     - An Appfwk report (Reports -> steelhead -> SteelHead Batch Report) that shows the output of one customized command running on multiple tagged (see below) SteelHead devices


Device Config Features

     - Bulk configure devices by uploading a CSV file

     - Add tags to each device


NetShark Capture Job Report

      - This report (Reports -> netshark -> NetShark Capture Jobs) shows information of all capture jobs on all configured NetShark devices

New NetProfiler Reports

     - A script (/home/vagrant/steelscript-workspace/netprofiler-examples/template_report.py) to generate a PDF file from live report

     - An Appfwk report (Reports -> netprofiler -> NetProfiler Live Templates) that shows information of all widgets running in live templates

Static Files in Offline Mode

     This feature supports using static files from our latest user interface libraries in offline mode. In particular, if the SteelScript VM can not access internet, the static files are required to be manually uploaded to the SteelScript VM. Detailed steps are described here.


Django / Pandas Library Updates

     - Our SteelScript Appfwk Server is updated to use Django 1.8. Release notes of Django 1.8 are here.

     - We are supporting Pandas 0.19, which greatly improves installation and build times. Release notes of Pandas 0.19 are here.


This post covers Q&A's to get you started.



Copyright (c) 2017 Riverbed Technology, Inc.


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