With the public launch of Programmable Infrastructure and SteelScript yesterday, Riverbed is embracing open source.  The Python SDK is now fully open source:


PyPI - the Python Package Index

The FlyScript package is available via PyPI, now 1 of the 28,000+ packages available for Python.  This makes installation on any platform with Python installed as easy as "pip install flyscript".   Once installed, they are immediately available to scripts with no additional configuration required. 


Document.pngPythonHosted Documentation

The full documentation for the FlyScript Python SDK is now also available directly online via pythonhosted.org.  This is a companion site to PyPI allowing fee documentation hosting for projects posted on PyPI.  


The full source for the entire Python SDK is available up on github.com/riverbed/flyscript.  Whether you just want to keep up to date with the bleeding edge of features and bug fixes, or you plan to dive in and help out with core development, GitHub makes it easy to collaborate.

OSI-Approved-License-100x137.pngOSI Approved MIT License

The source code is released under the standard MIT License.  This permits the broadest use of the source, putting virtually no restrictions on the reuse of code.  By releasing the code under such an open license, We hope to encourage adoption and use of the code.