• fail-to-wire or fail-to-block on shut interface

    Hi All -  Quick question, in an physical in-path deployment if you manually disable an in-path interface (interface inpath0_0 shutdown) will it still do fail-to-wire or fail-to-block?  Thanks in advance
    David Cippitelli
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  • Full transparency for HTTPS and secure peering?

    Hi:   When optimizing https traffic, is it possible to configure full transparency so IPs from clients and servers are seen on the WAN?   Also, if secure peering is enabled, what happens with full transpar...
    Alejandro Tovar
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  • In-Path IP address for Physical in-path deployment

    Why do we need an in-path IP address even in case of physical in-path deployment? As per my understanding, in physical in-path deployment is meant to be bridge between LAN switch and router/firewall.   Regards ...
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  • Principal KB articles per product area

    For your awareness, a number of Contributors have helped to put together some Principal KB articles per Riverbed Product area within the Support Knowledgebase. These articles group our most commonly viewed, linked a...
    David Molyneux
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  • Steelhead - Degraded Alarm - PSU

    Hello Everyone,   One of our remote SH is showing a degraded alarm for AC LOST for both PSU, it's worth mentioning those alarm came when there was a power otage at the site, the power recovery, the SH is working...
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  • About inbound QoS

    Hello all,   I have a brief question regarding the inbound QoS as I understand with this I can apply a QoS policy on my LAN?   WE have our SH connected to our Firewall which has inside, DMZ and outside int...
    Coraly nephente
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  • SH Current Connections options

    Hey folks,   Which of the Current Connections report options/filters do you use more often when using the SH Current Connections reports?   Thanks   Sofia Riverbed UX team rvbd-ux@riverbed.com
    Sofia Pandelea
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  • Only want to enable QOS markings for certain urls

    My client's network already uses the CE routers to perform QOS marking and policing/shaping.  I'd like to enable the steelheads to start marking certain traffic for urls like apple.com.  NBAR on the routers ...
    Cathleen Cavanagh
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  • Connection History report - Cause of 'Forwarded Connections'

    Hi,   We have a customer with two DCs, each with an in-path serial cluster in active/backup with datastore warming. In the Connection History reports on both we see by far the highest values are forwarded conne...
    Ken Vance
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  • Steelhead w/ ASA network topology

    Hi,   We have a standard serial cluster deployment with multiple links and are making a change to the topology. We are adding Cisco ASA firewalls in an active/standby pair. The Steelhead will be on the outside i...
    created by pete9876
  • Replace degraded drive

    I've replaced a degraded drive in a SH 2050. When inserted, it still shows degraded. I do notice that the disk firmware is different on the new ones vs. the existing drives. Do the firmware versions need to match? Or...
    Robert Falconer
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  • How to check if the caching is working?

    Hello All,   is there any report or where can I see the caching on the steelhead?   Thank you!
    Coraly nephente
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  • Disconnected: No HTTPS connection

    I faced a very strange problem, after applying new licence on a steelhead vCX, the scc state for this device changed to "Disconnected: No HTTPS connection". Everything seems to be ok (ports,passwords,serialN). All fu...
    Zhivko Georgiev
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  • New SteelHead CX software available

    SteelHead CX version 9.6.0a is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/cx-appliance.html
  • How to Start a Web Proxy on Steelhead?

    Hi,   i have a requirement of video on demand requirement and understand Web Proxy would give a benefit when implemented, could anyone please share step by step guide of installing web proxy.   Thanks. S...
    Sastry Remella
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  • New Interceptor Software is now available

    SteelHead Interceptor version 5.0.0a is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/interceptor.html
  • SMC compatibility with PAN Global Protect?

    Is the SteelHead Mobile Client compatible with PAN GlobalProtect SSL VPN solution? The SMC is version 4.8.2#7 and the PAN GlobalProtect is version 3.1.1-27. The last installation guide "April 2016" indicated that it i...
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • What is difference between CXA B010 and CXA B020

    What is difference between CXA B010 and CXA B020
    Manohar Nagaraja
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  • FortiGate Firewall & Riverbed

    Hi All,   Customer where I will deploy some Riverbed Steelheads has on each site a FortiGate Firewall.   This firewall will do the routing (instead a L3 switch) and will give access to two WAN links: MPL...
    Network Engineer
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  • How To Check For Packet Drops/Buffer Drops On Steelhead

    Hi,   Does anyone know how to check for packet drops/buffer drops on a Steelhead?   I'm not talking ping - but showing wan/lan buffer utilisation, or output drops?   Regards   Ken Vance
    Ken Vance
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