• QoS Marking via URL

    Is it possible to create an application using a URL and then create a QoS marking rule to set the DSCP value for traffic from the particular website?  We have websites that are hosted in the cloud so the IP addre...
    Jacob Landry
    created by Jacob Landry
  • Require HTTPS on Primary MGT Interface

    Is there a way to require that https be used on the primary management web page?  I would like to be able to redirect from port 80 to 443.   Thanks...
    TurboWarp .
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  • Problem optimising System Centre Configuration Manager Updates

    HI All,   Our customer uses Microsoft SCCM to distribute win10 packages   We run RIOS 9.6.1 so we can get round the SSL renegotiation and 'null certificate' issues.   However, we are running into an ...
    Ken Vance
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  • packet capture wrapping

    I recently ran a 10 minute capture with files split to 100Mb. The capture completed successfully however when I analysed the capture I only captured approx 2mins of capture information. A colleague advised I may need ...
    Dan Kidd
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    Hi Can a SteelHead that has the following error be corrected by removing the appliance from the domain (leave) and rejoining the domain (join)?   "NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS --- It is not possible to contact th...
    Diego Madeira
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  • Exchange 2010 (WinXP or Win7) won't optimise - cannot decrypt

    Hi,   In my environment we were running Exchange 2007 fine and had optimisation working well.  We have recently migrated to Exchange 2010 and no longer get any optimisation.  We would see all sessions...
    Ian Triggs
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  • Active Directory replication blocked by RiverBed 1160EX

    I have 26 sites with Riverbeds and only one site is having trouble with blocked replication.  We utilize the CMC and push policy and all are the same.  When I turn off the optimization services everything wo...
    Brian Millard
    created by Brian Millard
  • WAN throughput too high

    Hi, With a Steelhead Riverbed 2050L (9.1.4#62) in an in-path topology, I don't understand why there is a such difference between Riverbed WAN throughput statistics and bandwidth sized on router. Router have a ...
    Benoit BUAUD
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  • Port 7800 listed under current connections

         When troubleshooting a network with 56 Steelheads, I had a look at the current passthrough connections on one Steelhead at a branch site. I noticed that all sites were connecting to this branch S...
    Mike Bailey
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  • O365, UDPcheck OK but probes filtered

    Hi:   I had this O365 PoC working fine for one client IP address.   Some days ago they had a problem with the firewall. They had to restore the configuration and now the firewall is working fine again. I t...
    Alejandro Tovar
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  • Schedule Backup from SCC

    How we can schedule backup for a steelhead device from SCC? I would like to schedule it for tomorrow @any specific time let say.
    Indrapal Rathor
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  • Port-Channel with SteelHead not working

    We have a port-channel setup between our layer 3 switch (Cisco 3750G's stacked) and our Router. we have full connectivity through the port channel which consist of just 2 ports on the router G0/0 and G0/1 and on the s...
    David Rojas
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  • System Logs - Cluster/writer messages

    Dear all,   on one of my Steelhead clusters I see a lot of these notice messages:   SHA-02 sport[10038]: [cluster/writer/<<IP-SHA-02>>:11952-><<IP-SHA-01>>:7850.NOTICE] - {- -} L...
    Sven Hruza
    created by Sven Hruza
  • CMC (SCC) - SteelHead Degraded Status

    Hi Guys,   I'm having trouble in CMC because some SteelHeads sometimes show a "Degraded Status". When i log in inside os these appliances, shows healthy status. So i need to remove the appliances and register ag...
    Bruno Navarro
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  • WAN Optimization - SQL Server 2016 Availability Group

    Hi,   I was wondering if anyone else has noticed that the Steelheads (CX5070) aren't optimizing SQL Availability Group (AG) traffic very well?  I've noticed optimization of around 25% - 50% reduction in tra...
    James Yang
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  • Support YouTube channel - SteelHead Know How Sessions

    SteelHead Know How Sessions - YouTube   Riverbed Global Support YouTube Channel Providing how-to, best practices, and troubleshooting videos for Riverbed products and solutions—straight from the Knowledge ...
    Andriy Lushnikov
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  • Enable HTTP for Steelflow WTA

    Hello guys, I am planning to enable steelflow WTA on all the steelhead devices in the network by sending CLI command from SCC , Is there an CLI command to enable steelflow WTA ? I found nothing in Riverbed documenta...
    A Thabet
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  • Optimising to servers running forward secrecy

    Hi All,   Does anyone optimise successfully to servers which use forward secrecy?   We are having issues with signature verification failures to servers using this feature.   Any help gratefully appr...
    Ken Vance
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  • Cloud Steelhead vs steelhead SAAS

    Hi, Can anyone help me to understand difference between cloud steelhead and steelhead SAAS? Sofiene HAOUCHINE,Splash Admin
    ramesh yadav
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  • Deploy SaaS certificates using GPO

    Hi:   We are running a PoC of SH SaaS accelerating O365, with the cloud-hosted certificate.   In order to deploy the proxy certificate to a number of PCs, have anybody used a group policy (GPO) from the AD...
    Alejandro Tovar
    last modified by Alejandro Tovar