• Riverbed Steelheads wont Peer

    I have the simple riverbed steelhead setup as shown in the image. The Steelheads are Virtual Appliances. The in-path interfaces can ping each other, however I'm unable to get the Steelheads to Peer. Can ...
    Carlton Patterson
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  • SLL Optimization & Secure Peering

    Hello everyone,   Currently all secure traffic is being bypassed on the SH and I need to start optmizing this traffic.   Reading the DG I need to clear some things up:   By the way, I'm running 8.6, ...
    created by jjj
  • F5  before our SH

    hay guys , i face new problem with new SH installation ,   we had to install our box after F5 on server side  after  inastalltion and add exchange certificate we can optimize only mail traffic throu...
    ali elbadrawy
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  • Max number qos-rules per qos profile is 80

    Hi Guys,   I am migrating my QoS rules from CMC 8.5 to SCC 9.6 by recreating them. However, I am getting this error: Max number qos-rules per qos profile is 80.   I have checked the 9.6 deployment guide an...
    LloydsRegister .
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  • WCCP Throughput

    My organization is looking at going from an inpath model to virtual inpath using WCCP. One thing I'm curious about is the possibility of the Steelhead to overwhelm the capacity of a router. Specifically, when warm dat...
    Robert Falconer
    created by Robert Falconer
  • different inpath (PBR) for same session

    Hi there,   I have a virtual in-path (PBR) deployed in all locations lately. It's working great but I started seeing problems since then.   On the network edge, we used to have two layer 3 switches acting ...
    Steven Wong
    created by Steven Wong
  • Steelhead for SAP NWBC HTML & Desktop

    Hello Everybody , Is there any new document or validation for optimization of SAP NWBC both desktop and HTML ? The latest is on 2013 as follows : https://www.riverbed.com/content/dam/riverbed-www/en_US/Documents/fp...
    Islam Imran
    created by Islam Imran
  • EX760H-no way to force reboot-stuck in CLI-upgrade gone bad

    I've performed an upgrade for several EX760 but for some reason one of them got stuck, the rest are ok. -We get the http page, once you put the credentials you get stuck in that page. -We try accessing with ssh and...
    Josefina Mendez
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  • In-path default gateway - WAN or LAN?

    I'm doing a setup similar to the attached -   https://support.riverbed.com/bin/support/static/fbunsuuo632vi3jrspe0evbko9/html/u2pi6l52l4drmhq3uhck9tu7hm/sh_9.2_dg_html/index.html#page/sh_9.2_dg%2Fphys_inpath_des...
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  • Q: what is RiOS versions on new Steelhead-SD ready - 3070

    Hi Chatters,   What are RiOS versions shipped with current  "3070 Steelhead-SD ready" as August 2017 ? What about 5070 ?   Part number as following: CXA-03070-B110 / Steelhead-SD ready CXA 3070 B110...
    fengster .
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  • Manage Steelhead From Inpath Interface

    Hi all.   We have several Steelheads that have had thier primary interfaces disconnected due to needing to free up ports on the switch.   i notice that the device can be managed from the inpath.   Ho...
    Simon Leigh
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  • Is the Akamai's CA used for SAAS purposes "a browser trusted one"?

    The Akamai's CA used for SAAS purposes.i.e. for the purpose signing the proxy certificate on the Akamai cloud SteelHead. Is this CA  "a browser trusted one"?   Kindly Wasfi
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • Looking to convert WCCP to application port-only ACL

    I am in charge of about 16 Riverbed Steelhead CX appliances modesl (running 9.6.0a) ranging from CX570 to CX7055 and since I took them over I've been looking to refresh the design and redirect policy we've been using....
  • OOB Transparency

    I need to understand the OOB transparency scenarios in terms of Wireshark packet analysis. I have read SH  deployment guide , KB's on OOB but still not grasping the concept completely as I am finding contradictio...
    Kshitij S
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  • SteelHead Virtual Lab

    Hello , Just wanted to share with you briefly a setup of simple peering of 2 steelheads  in your lab or office using physical in-path deployment . You will need : 1- Two machines with vmware workstations 2- E...
    Islam Imran
    created by Islam Imran
  • Back-hauled SaaS optimization?

    Hi, I have a doubt:   If many branch offices have Internet access through a main office (Back-hauled internet deployment) and I'd like to implement SaaS optimization for users within that branches: is it mandato...
    Renato Pérez
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  • Is there SteelHead SaaS Optimization for G-Suite?

    I've found past documents and brochures about SaaS optimization of Office 365 and formerly Google Apps (now GSuite) (https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/PerformanceBrief-SCA-Google_Apps.pdf).   Is it supported...
    Renato Pérez
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  • SteelHead Fail-to-wire even when powered-off?

    Could you please help me with this doubt:   About Fail-to-Wire mode I've found this info:     Question is: So that means that when installing the appliance within the network for the first time, I cou...
    Renato Pérez
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  • Failed to join domain

    Hi All,   I Have Problem with steelhead CX fail to join domain and view log reason is: Failed to join domain: failed to lookup DC info for domain 'DOMAIN.LOCAL' over rpc: NT_STATUS_CONNECTION_RESET FYI. Steel...
    Abdul Rahman
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  • Can the Steelhead cache data be read from HDD?

    Our corporate policies require all HDD"s that contain 'client data' or system configuration information to be physically destroyed. At present we apply this policy to all HDD's in the environment and the question has ...
    Dereck Johns
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