• Looking for a document that discusses the compatibility between SMC OS and Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 2012 R2

    Hello all. I am looking for a document that discusses the compatibility between Steelhead Mobile Controller OS and Windows 2008 R2 / Wimdows 2012 R2 severs. Although there is information related to such topics as Stee...
    Markus Leosson
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  • RiOS 9.5 proxy chaining

    Hello,   Is somebody already tryed P.5 proxy chaining option? Does it work as expected? I'd need to chain my branch riverbed proxy with datacenter mcaffee proxy to optimise https(video) traffic between my sites...
    michel boulay
    created by michel boulay
  • Data Center to Data Center Optimization

    Hello,   I have project for optimizing bulk data transfer across WAN link between data centers. I have the attached set up. I am going to use Veeam Backup and Replication to replicate virtual machines from data ...
  • HTTP Stream Splitting and Youtube

    My understanding is that HTTP Stream Splitting has support for:   Microsoft Silverlight Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming Apple's HTTP Live Stream (HLS)   My questions is what other streaming protocols does i...
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • Following or not upgrade path

    Hello, why will Riverbed recommend to upgrade following a certain path? In fact support site recommends to upgrade RiOS from 8.6.2c to 9.1.1a through 9.1.1 But i can upgrade directly from 8.6.2c to 9.1.1a, and ev...
    Severin Sime
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  • RiOS 9.0 Path Selection & Interceptors

    Is RiOS 9.0 Path Selection supported in a deployment with datacenter side Steelhead Appliances being load balanced by Interceptor Appliances (parallel cluster deployment)?
    Donald Russell
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  • New to Riverbed

    Hi Shiraz,   I am new to riverbed we are going to implement to our office   When I start up my riverbed it is asking two things for configuration   First Primary Address,Subnet,Gateway and another steps...
    Azad Ali
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  • Tacacs login working in GUI but not in CLI

    Hi,   We have configured TACACS settings access to one of our steel head with RiOS version 9.1.1a.   We are able to use our TACACS username password successfully in GUI access. But same are not working in ...
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  • SteelHead Mobile Client and Handheld setting on the SteelHead Mobile Controller

    Can the SMC client be installed on IOS, Android and/or Windows Phone? if not, what is the purpose of the Handheld settings in the SteelHead Mobile Controller?   Also, if there is an IOS SMC client version, does ...
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • Pushing two policies to the same appliance from CMC

    If I try to push two policies from the CMC to a group of appliances at the same time, say if there is a setting that is contradictory between the two policies, which policy takes precedence for that setting?   &n...
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • Problem during domain upgrade with Active Directory integrated Steelheads?

    Hi   My Steelheads are joined as a workstation into the Active Derectory. We use a delegation user for the MAPI optimization. At the moment there is only a few signed SMB2/SMB3 traffice. So we don't have activ...
    created by roland.altermatt
  • SSL server certificate discover wrong web services IP

    Hi guys, Am currently supporting Steelhead CX7055 with OS version 8.5.3a, mainly supporting server certificate installation for the purpose of SSL optimization.   The process in a place where I work is that ser...
    Ikhwan Huzir Islakh
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  • supported Rios versions

    Is there a list of the supported Rios versions at this time?   in other words, which Rios versions are not being supported by Riverbed?   thanks   Gavin
    Gavin Williams
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  • SteelHead EX version 3.6.1d Released

    SteelHead EX  version 3.6.1d is now available on the Support Site:  https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/ex-appliance.html
  • SteelHead 9.1 Path Selection Enhancements

    Feature brief consists of Path Selection feature enhancements on SteelHead 9.1
    vaishnavi grudanti
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  • SSL site to site VPN?

    Can you create SSL VPNs between steelheads in a controlled manner as an alternative to IPSEC on an upstream firewall?   I have a requirements to avoid ESP.     Thanks! Nik
    Nik Sheridan
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  • WCCP: single virtual in path SH failure

    Hi All.     In WCCP based (virtual in path) single steelhead setup with CISCO L4 switch, what happens if riverbed loss its power ? does my traffic still continue to flow through router towards orginal dest...
    Hardik dave
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  • system detailed report in SH is degraded

    Dears   I see notification from steel head that system detailed report is degraded in SSL as per screenshot. Does any one know how to  overcome this error
    Islam Sayed
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  • RiOS 9.0.1 upgrade

    Hi Friends   I would like to upgrade Steelhead devices to RiOS 9.0.1 version however before doing this i would like to know if anyone of you have upgraded your devices to this version and has anyone came across ...
    Jitesh Gohil
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  • port 7801

    when showing current connections report in any SHA with RiOS 8.x, magnifying  any optimized connection give the following:   Inner Local Port:15833Peer Appliance: Local:
    Ibrahim zeidan
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