• Snapmirror with Steelhead WAN Optimizer

    Hi, everyone. In my evironment, i currently have FAS2552 runnning snapmirror over WAN. However,  the transfer time is extremely long, so i think that would like to utilize Riverbed Steelhead to compress snapmirr...
    tee ok
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  • In-Path Rule Issue

    Hi All,   We have an in-path rule:   Pre-optimisation Policy : Oracle Forms Latency policy : HTTP Data Reduction : Normal   Pointing to a set of server IPs and a Port-Label.   Now the custome...
    Ken Vance
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  • Feature request:  acknowledge  a CMC alarm

    6 votes
    Add the ability to acknowledge an alarm for s specified period of time so that it doesn't show in the 'Appliances needing attention' page.  Also provide a comment field (i.e. RMA # xxxx in progress, power outage ...
    Danny Mongrain
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  • Peering Rule Question

    Hi All,   Quick question.   Is there the facility to add a 'global deny' at the bottom of the peering rule list on a Steelhead?   Basically we use a hub/spoke scenario so are only going to want our s...
    Ken Vance
    created by Ken Vance
  • New SteelHead CX software is available

    SteelHead CX version 9.1.5d is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/cx-appliance.html
  • Certificate warrning with SteelHead mobile client

    Hello, We are using Steelhead server and SH Mobile client, accessing our websites with Firefox or Chrome we get error message regarding certificate and we cannot go further ( access to website is blocked we don't eve...
    Belal Sadozai
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  • YouTube Web Proxy caching feature

    Anyone have any experience with optimisation of YouTube. Good or bad?   I want real world. I'm not interested in technical marketing material.   Thanks kindly
    Daniel Thomson
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  • Configuring a Dual SteelHead and Dual Layer-2 Switches Deployment

    Would like to clarify the Attached HA setup.   In the event if SteelHead A failure, can the traffic from route to SteelHead B through Connection Forwarding Traffic feature? How about the traffic comin...
    Tony Lim
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  • Management back end unavailable.

    During the boot process, I have a Steelhead that gets to the login prompt at the console. Management through primary is not available. When I enter credentials, it shows 'System Initializing............' After a cou...
    Robert Falconer
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  • Interceptor 6.5 "Easy" TCP Dump

    The release notes for Interceptor 6.5 state a new feature of "Easy TCP Dump" however it seems more complicated now as there is no easy way to filter both sides of a connection.  The web interface disables input i...
    created by craigatva
  • SH Optimizing Outlook Anywhere

    Hello,   I'm seeing traffic on port 8080 being identified as Outlook Anywhere and two different scenarios for the connections.   Some important points:   1 - Outlook Anywhere is not enabled 2 - No S...
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  • Riverbed Steelheads wont Peer

    I have the simple riverbed steelhead setup as shown in the image. The Steelheads are Virtual Appliances. The in-path interfaces can ping each other, however I'm unable to get the Steelheads to Peer. Can ...
    Carlton Patterson
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  • Feature request: Add a hit count to inpath rules.

    136 votes
    Add hit count on inpath rules so that we can easily see which are used and which aren't.  Similar to what a firewall / router does with its rules / ACLs.
    Danny Mongrain
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  • SLL Optimization & Secure Peering

    Hello everyone,   Currently all secure traffic is being bypassed on the SH and I need to start optmizing this traffic.   Reading the DG I need to clear some things up:   By the way, I'm running 8.6, ...
    created by jjj
  • F5  before our SH

    hay guys , i face new problem with new SH installation ,   we had to install our box after F5 on server side  after  inastalltion and add exchange certificate we can optimize only mail traffic throu...
    ali elbadrawy
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  • Max number qos-rules per qos profile is 80

    Hi Guys,   I am migrating my QoS rules from CMC 8.5 to SCC 9.6 by recreating them. However, I am getting this error: Max number qos-rules per qos profile is 80.   I have checked the 9.6 deployment guide an...
    LloydsRegister .
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  • WCCP Throughput

    My organization is looking at going from an inpath model to virtual inpath using WCCP. One thing I'm curious about is the possibility of the Steelhead to overwhelm the capacity of a router. Specifically, when warm dat...
    Robert Falconer
    created by Robert Falconer
  • different inpath (PBR) for same session

    Hi there,   I have a virtual in-path (PBR) deployed in all locations lately. It's working great but I started seeing problems since then.   On the network edge, we used to have two layer 3 switches acting ...
    Steven Wong
    created by Steven Wong
  • Steelhead for SAP NWBC HTML & Desktop

    Hello Everybody , Is there any new document or validation for optimization of SAP NWBC both desktop and HTML ? The latest is on 2013 as follows : https://www.riverbed.com/content/dam/riverbed-www/en_US/Documents/fp...
    Islam Imran
    created by Islam Imran
  • Feature request:  auto-diff between CMC policy and appliance configuration

    14 votes
    Implement a tool to do an auto-compare of CMC policy vs. appliance configuration before pushing a policy.  This would confirm if anything will be changed.  It would also mention what configuration is out-of-...
    Danny Mongrain
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