• How do I determine what traffic is being classified by a QoS class?

    Hi forum!   We use the in built traffic definitions on out steel heads to make classification easier. I know I can see a graph of the class usage in reports, but by blazes, how on earth does one find out the t...
    Nik Sheridan
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  • Looking for a document that discusses the compatibility between SMC OS and Windows 2008 R2 / Windows 2012 R2

    Hello all. I am looking for a document that discusses the compatibility between Steelhead Mobile Controller OS and Windows 2008 R2 / Wimdows 2012 R2 severs. Although there is information related to such topics as Stee...
    Markus Leosson
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  • SCC - Insufficient Information to manage appliance

    Dear all,   I had an exchange of a Steelhead 250M with RiOS 8.5.3c. The original device had a damage and we installed now a new one without any config except of the primary IP address to reach the device remote...
    Sven Hruza
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  • Number of objects in SMB share

    Is there any limitation on optimizing SMB traffic when the destination folder has nearly 1,000,000 objects? We are seeing some problems with enumerating all the files when  browsing a share with lots of objects. ...
    Robert Falconer
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  • OpenSSL getversion error

    Hi we are seeing an SSL error on our SSHs , and its affecting SSL optimisation.   SH01 sport[115899]: [ssl/SrvServerConnect.WARN] 61504127 {CLIENT:63114 SVR:443} Failure in the OpenSSL library, look at the error...
    Ken Vance
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  • Connection reset by peer

    Good day.   We are getting the below errors on one of our devices. The Users at site was complaining that they could not reach the Internet and that their Pastel connections were not working. when rebooted the d...
    Renier Brand
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  • SCC Reporting Disconnected: network time out

    Hi,   Just wondering if anyone can help with SCC reporting devices are Disconnected:network time out.   Have tried to reconnect the devices but still reporting Disconnected: network time out.   I hav...
    Support Engineer
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  • Pass-through rule for Virtual In-path deployment

    Dear Folks,   Please help me to short out the below issue. I have two data center DC1 and DC2. Both data center are connected via MPLS private cloud. Physical connectivity is pretty simple at both side and which...
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  • Temporary to permanent license upgardes

    Hi all,   We have a number of devices with expiring temporary MSPEC licenses.   When we apply full licences of the same capacity does it require a service restart?   Also, I take it upgrading an 'M' ...
    Ken Vance
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  • Performance Brief - Accelerating Microsoft SharePoint 2013

    Steelhead Mobile SharePoint 2013 Performance Brief featuring Steelhead Mobile 4.0.
    kquan .
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  • Steelhead and Palo Alto Networks Firewall: Solution Guide

    The Steelhead and Palo Alto Networks Firewall Solution Guide provides an overview on how to deploy the Palo Alto Networks Firewall appliances alongside Steelhead appliances.  There are two deployment scenarios di...
    Alton Yu
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  • ¿Upgrade my SteelHead to RiOS 9.5?

    Hi I need to know wich is the best way to upgrade my SteelHead appliances. At the moment all my SteelHeads have the RiOS version 9.1.0a and I have been having trouble with QoS, caused by a system BUG. When I report...
  • only 1 wan with 2 router

    hi everybody, in my network mpls, i have a different branch offices. every office have a one cx 255 with 2 router cisco.(first primary data e secondary backup) i want to connect every router with the wan. in this m...
    alessandro 80
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  • HTTP optimization on qTest from qaSymphony

    Hello Chatters,  Happy New Year !   We are using a webpage product called qTest from qasymphony on our intranet.   When a pair Steelhead are in the path and optimizing the connection, the webpage disp...
    fengster .
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  • Deploying the SteelHead CX in Azure

    As workloads move to the cloud, it’s only natural that new and existing Riverbed customers ask “hey, can you optimize traffic for Azure like you do for our WAN?”  And the answer is an enthusiast...
    Brett Hill
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  • Steelhead QoS Configuration for Outbound traffic only

    Hello all,   We have been using Riverbed Steelhead for quite a while now, and I am looking for help to configure QoS which has never been used so far. We're running 9.1.1a on multiple Branch office (around 20) ...
    Jules MATHIEU
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  • i want to optimize ssl exchange traffic i have the server certificate and import it in SH but it didn't work  i want to be sure that is the right certificate i have exchange 2010 ?

    i have SSL certificate for exchange enable ssl optimization on SH import the cert to Server side SH and add it to SSL main sittings trust the peer from gray list to white list but there is no optimization on Ex...
    ali elbadrawy
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  • O365 and path selection

    Has anyone deployed O365 using path selection on a SteelHead so that traffic destined for O365 traverses a secondary Internet VPN circuit locally ?
    Raj Virdi
    created by Raj Virdi
  • Packet Ricochet Issue?

    Recently , I faced an issue in which tweaking the setting from Dest Only to All resolved the issue. There was packet ricochet in the network and default gateway of SH was pointing towards HSRP VIP of L3 LAN switches....
    kochierster riverbed
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  • How to configure SCA with Enterprise Proxy server

    Hi,   I'm referring to Deployment Guide - SCA with Enterprise Proxy (page 5). If I have one Steelhead deployed in the Data Center facing the Internet link and user browser is being configured with explicit proxy...
    Joseph Nathan
    created by Joseph Nathan