• Steelhead AFE and application definitions

    Hi,   I'm attempting to use QoS marking   on our estate of Steelheads running RIOS 9.2.x, using QoS Rules and running into one or two problems.   I'm noticing that traffic, although being recogni...
    Ken Vance
    created by Ken Vance
  • Connecting A Steelhead CX570/770/3070 in front on Forcepoint NGFW Cluster

    Hi All I am trying to move away from VPN's where we have a Cisco router on out remote site with a VPN connection to a Cisco router in our DC, onto using a VPN connected with our Forcepoint (aka Stonesoft) NGFW's. How...
    Adam Norman
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  • SteelHead SaaS DEMO - Office 365 optimization

    Hi, do anyone know how is the process in order to get a SteelHead SaaS demo?   What do I need? Who do I have to talk to? How long does it take to deploy?   Thanks!
    Renato Pérez
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  • WAN optimization office 365

    Hi All,   Just wondering what the steps are in getting MS office Optimized.   Thanks
    Mohammed Nour
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  • Passthrough from Central to Remote site : Peering rule vs In-path Rule

    Dear All,   In my company, we use SCCM over the WAN and there are some connectivity issues between Central Servers and Remote Servers. We have Steelheads on both ends of the communications, which are two-sided. &...
    Jules MATHIEU
    created by Jules MATHIEU
  • Steelhead CX upgrade to 9.2 and SN: S28250

    Can I someone help to clarify deployment options to prevent QoS misclassification issues after an upgrade to 9.2.x as per solution document S28250?   At present, we have upgraded the SCC to 9.2.2. We have ~180 S...
    Prashant Rojesara
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  • Feature request: Add a hit count to inpath rules.

    138 votes
    Add hit count on inpath rules so that we can easily see which are used and which aren't.  Similar to what a firewall / router does with its rules / ACLs.
    Danny Mongrain
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  • Historical reporting data on Split Streaming optimization?

    We are getting great optimization with HTTP/HTTPS Split Streaming across the enterprise, but looking for a way to get historical reporting on this. The only reporting that I get is current (not historical) with curren...
    David Hubbard
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  • How to optimize public sites?

    Hello world!   I have a lot of ssl traffic on my Riverbed, so it is around 80% are not optimize. I want to optimize traffic for site as Facebook, whattsup etcc..   I checked on the internet and it look lik...
    Bruno Gomes
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  • WCCP Cisco 4351

    Is anyone using WCCP on the Cisco 4300 platform? I'm running tests on it now and see very poor performance when doing certain actions. We are migrating from the ISR G2 platform to the 4300 series. The ISR G2, 2951, do...
    Robert Falconer
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  • "qosd" lines in config

    config on ver 9.2.3 CX570 includes following lines.    qosd max-qos-pkts 5   qosd max-qos-pt-pkts 5 But in config mode, these commands are not usable. It looks like a part of hidden script to cont...
    koji baba
    created by koji baba
  • Admission Control - Is it only client-side connections?

    Regarding Admission Control: When an RB hits its connection limit and goes into Admission Control does this only affect connections initiated from the LAN side of that RB and not connections initiated from another sit...
    Daren Matthews
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  • Hello, How to reach riverbed trade compliance department?

    Hello All,   I need to reach riverbed trade compliance department, but seem support team no referral my request to them. Model: CX5070-H I would like import this from my client's company, from Singapore ...
    Danny Wong
    created by Danny Wong
  • QoS in a SH's serial cluster

    Hi:   I'm searchingo for informactin about the configuration of two SteelHeads in a HA serial cluster. Besides the peering rules needed for this deployment to work, I couldn't find information for the QoS config...
    Alejandro Tovar
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  • How do I determine what traffic is being classified by a QoS class?

    Hi forum!   We use the in built traffic definitions on out steel heads to make classification easier. I know I can see a graph of the class usage in reports, but by blazes, how on earth does one find out the t...
    Nik Sheridan
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  • No inner channel created for this probe

    Hi All,   I've been receiving huge amounts of such as the below alerts by the seconds. It is crippling our log servers. While the error is not of any impact to the application itself. the management is.   ...
    D Y
    created by D Y
  • CIFS Prepopulation question

    I'd like to hear what are some of the use cases for this situation?   We are moving towards roaming profiles for our users and since we have multiple sites we'd like to keep the server for profiles at the headqu...
    Aftab Ahmad
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  • Using a Riverbed Interceptor as a TAP

    Hi, In our environment we have riverbed interceptors inpath on numerous WAN links.  We have a system that takes SPAN port/TAP data via a matrix switch to do deep network analysis.  Given they are inline, I ...
    Andy Kearton
    created by Andy Kearton
  • Feature request:  add LAN client emulation tool

    9 votes
    Add an 'application emulation tool' that would emulate a fake FTP, CIFS, HTTP, etc. client or server on steelheads, running off the primary interface/IP.  Similar in a way to what CIFS prepopulation does.   ...
    Danny Mongrain
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  • VLAN bridging question

    Hi guys, While reading Steelhead deployment guide 9.6 , VLAN bridging section there is one thing I'm not sure of ... When we consider VLAN bridging solution , what VLAN-ID should we configure on in-path0_0 interface...
    Michal Bencko
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