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When there is a problem with your Steelhead appliance or you suspect a network problem related to it, you can call the TAC. The TAC is 24x7 and lots of people do each day, it's often the fastest path towards determining what goes wrong.


But what if you are in a secure environment? Or you don't want to wait the extra time before the case gets assigned to a TAC engineer? Or just want to be able to do the troubleshooting yourself? Or at least be able to understand what they are looking at and talking about?


A group of Riverbed TAC engineers have worked on an internal troubleshooting document to kick start new TAC engineers. It describes the design of the Steelhead appliance, the working of the optimization service and the setup of optimized TCP sessions, installation and operation related issues, various latency optimization related issues, on how to use the various CLI tools to troubleshoot and how you can deal with the contents of the system dump.


A public version of this document has now been made available for Riverbed customers, you can download it at Download your copy today and enjoy having the knowledge on the Steelhead appliances which power your network!


Index of the book:

Abstract / Preface
Chapter 1. Introduction to WAN Optimization
Chapter 2. The Riverbed Approach to WAN Optimization
Chapter 3. The Command Line and Tools
Chapter 4. Installation Related Issues
Chapter 5. Operation Related Issues
Chapter 6. System Dump
Chapter 7. Different Network Troubleshooting Scenarios
Chapter 8. Latency Optimization
Chapter 9. Logging
Chapter 10. Further Help and Support
Appendix A. Jargon
Appendix B. Troubleshooting workflow for network performance related issues

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