Microsoft Office 365 optionally includes the right to install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, a full-featured version of Microsoft Office, on up to five devices per user. This version has several modifications suited to an online service offering, for example, licensing and activation occur automatically over the Internet. In addition, Microsoft has designed Office 365 ProPlus with Click-to-Run installation technology. Click-to-Run streams the setup so you can start using Office before installation is finished and you can install this version of Office side-by-side with previous versions


Installing Office 365 ProPlus from the online Office 365 Portal is very convenient, but as with all cloud services, there are trade-offs. When you install Office from the Internet there may be latency or bandwidth concerns. In addition, in-house ITcannot customize or control Office 365 ProPlus installations from the Office 365 portal.


To avoid overconsumption of Internet bandwidth and allow control over deployments, Microsoft recommends that you install Office 365 ProPlus from a local share. Over 1 GB of information traverses the network for each installation, which can strain WAN connections between branch offices and corporate data centers.


This performance brief shows how WAN optimization technology provided by Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances significantly reduces and potentially eliminates bandwidth concerns when installing Office 365 ProPlus over a WAN.