Deploying a virtual SMC (Steelhead Mobile Controller) is quick and simple. Here, I provide screen shots for a step-by-step look at the process. At the time of this writing, the latest version of SMC software is 4.0.


To begin, you will need to download the latest virtual edition of SMC from the Riverbed Support site. The latest virtual edition will not necessarily be the latest and greatest. In this example, I will install vSMC v3.1.3d (latest on the Support site) and upgrade it to version 4.0. You will need an ESX host and vCenter or vSphere to deploy the .OVA package. I am using VSP resources on a Steelhead EX-760 as my ESX host.


From vSphere or vCenter, deploy the CMC .OVA file as you would with any .OVA:




Verify the template contents and select Next.



Customize the virtual machine name or keep the default.



Since this VM is for lab purposes, I will select "Thin" provisioning.



Make sure the interfaces are assigned properly. Primary should be mapped to rvbd_pri and Aux should be mapped to rvbd_hpn. You may have to switch these from their default assignments. If you cannot access the SMC virtual machine after deployment, check these assignments.



Verify the configuration and begin the deployment.



Deployment should take just a few minutes.



After deployment, power ON the virtual SMC machine.



Open a console window to observe the boot process.



When the machine is finished booting, enter the default credentials of admin / password. The configuration wizard will then start - select "yes" to use the wizard. There are 8 steps to the wizard. Note that this process is the same for both virtual and hardware-based SMC appliances.




Upon completion of the wizard, you may now be able to browse to the virtual SMC in order to upgrade to the latest SMC release. Depending on the SMC version deployed, the location of the upgrade feature could be different than what I show here. For versions prior to SMC v4, click "Setup" on the top menu bar, then "Upgrade Software" on the left-hand selection pane.



I will be upgrading from 3.1.3d to 4.0 using a local file on my laptop.



When the new software is copied to the virtual appliance, it will be selected as the target upon the next reboot.



When upgrading to SMC v4, you will notice the enhanced UI. It now closely resembles the UI of other Riverbed products such as Riverbed Steelheads.




At this point you can add any required licenses.