Deploying a virtual CMC (Central Management Controller) is quick and simple. Here, I provide screen shots for a step-by-step look at the process. At the time of this writing, the latest version of CMC software is 8.0.


To begin, you will need to download the latest virtual edition of CMC from the Riverbed Support site. The latest virtual edition will not necessarily be the latest and greatest. In this example, I will install vCMC v6.5.3 (latest on the Support site) and upgrade it to version 8.0. You will need an ESX host and vCenter or vSphere to deploy the .OVA package. I am using VSP resources on a Steelhead EX-760 as my ESX host.


From vSphere or vCenter, deploy the CMC .OVA file as you would with any .OVA:




Verify the template details. Note, you can change disk provisioning in a future step.



Keep the default name or create your own.



I will change the disk provisioning to "Thin" since this is for a lab.



You may need to switch the interfaces. Make sure that "mgmt" is paired with rvbd_pri and "Aux" is paired with rvbd_hpn. If you cannot access the controller after the installation, check these assignments.



When ready to deploy, select Finish.



The virtual CMC will begin to deploy. This will take just a few minutes to complete.



From vCenter / vSphere, power ON the CMC virtual machine.




Open a console session while the virtual machine is starting.



After the virtual machine boots, enter the default credentials of admin / password. The configuration wizard will then begin - answer "yes" if you want to use the wizard. Note: this process is the same whether you are installing a virtual or hardware-based CMC.



There are 8 steps to the wizard.



Once the wizard completes, you can use a browser to access the CMC.



At this point, be sure to upgrade the CMC to the latest available version (i.e. version 8.0 at the time of this writing).



When the upgrade is completed, a reboot is required to boot to the new version.




At this point, you can add any required licenses.


For more information, see the virtual CMC installation guide by clicking here.