Steelhead Mobile v4.0 is now available for download here.


The available platforms and deployment options for SHM 4.0:

  • SMC for VSP (model 8552 / VSMC-VSP). This installs on EX model Steelheads utilizing VSP (built-in ESXi server)
  • Virtual SMC (model 8650 / V-SMC). This virtual image installs on a supported ESXi server of your choice that meets the hardware requirements.

Note that SMC for RSP is no longer supported as it has been superseded by the SMC for VSP.


Major features in v4.0 include:

  • SMC License Clustering. Multiple instances of SMC's can now be clustered supporting up to 120,000 simultaneous Steelhead Mobile users. Up to 30 nodes per cluster supported. Both appliances and virtual controllers can be a part of the same cluster.
  • Extended Microsoft Windows application support. SHM 4.0 now includes optimization support for SMB signing, encrypted MAPI, encrypted Outlook Anywhere, HTTP traffic for SharePoint, and end-to-end Kerberos authenticated applications.
  • New Windows client UI. A redesigned UI for provisioning large-scale deployments. Features include updated graphical time-based reports for networking, diagnostics, and optimization reports. Policy configuration has been simplified with interactive graphics. Hovering over a single point on a report provides additional details (such as time stamp, LAN and WAN bytes).
  • High availability management through SMC failover across Data Center.
  • SMBv2 for CIFS latency optimization
  • OSX Mountain / Mountain Lion support for CIFS