CMC release 8.0 is now available here. The main new feature is the support of devices running Riverbed RiOS v8.0.


Note: CMC 8000 series appliances cannot be upgraded to CMC v8 and therefore are not capable of fully managing Steelheads running v8.0 and greater. The CMC 8000 series have been end of availability since April 2010. Click here for more information on hardware end of availability.


To take advantage of CMC 8.0 you must install on hardware appliance model 8150 or the CMC-VE (ESXi virtual edition). Fast facts for these models:

  • CMC 8150 base appliance comes with 50 licenses (can manage up to 50 Steelheads with the base model)
  • CMC-VE does not include any licenses in the base model. A license pack must be purchased to begin Steelhead management.
  • Both models can take additional licenses in increments of 10 (max of 500 licenses supported)


One of the major differences between the 8000 series and the 8150 series is in how licenses are managed and purchased. The 8000 series were sold with management capacity by model. For example, the CMC-8003 model managed 50 devices, the CMC-8004 managed 100 devices etc. When additional licenses were needed the CMC appliance was enabled as a different model. 


The CMC-8150 appliance is sold as a base appliance with 50 licenses and take additional license packs for growth. When purchasing upgrades to the 8150, the appropriate management packs must be purchased that match the previous model's capacity. The following chart can be used for reference:




Click here for CMC 8.0 software and release notes.