Here are the main (new) features that ship with RiOS v8.0.


  1. CIFS support on MAC OSX Lion / Mountain Lion
    1. Support for SMB v1 signing settings for MAC OSX Lion (10.7) and Mountain Lion (10.8)
  2. New UI Reports
    1. Time series reports have a new design that is interactive, and easy to navigate. The statistics presented in the improved report format are readily accessible and all updates to the report window appear in real time.
  3. QoS DPI: 600+ Apps
    1. Riverbed Application Flow Engine can recognize applications by using port-based classification, application signature matching, protocol dissection, future flow registration, behavioral classification, and others that may hop ports or may otherwise be hard to detect. The application flow engine in RiOS 8.0 can now identify and classify over 600 common Enterprise applications. The engine still allows for custom application definitions making it possible to identify thousands of applications.
  4. QoS: PCoIP
    1. PCoIP is a display compression technology used by VDI solutions such as VMWare View. Riverbed QoS for PCoIP in RiOS v8.0 delivers bandwidth control and latency prioritization for virtual channels within a PCoIP stream, enabling the fine-tuning of traffic including voice, video, and display rendering.
  5. 10Gig performance improvements
    1. An enhancement in RiOS provides up to a 50% performance boost in end to end throughput for 10GE based deployments.
  6. Account control, authenticated NTP, TACACS+
    1. RiOS 8.0 includes enhanced security features including a password manager that offers stronger protection against unauthorized access. Secure communications between Steelheads and NTP servers protect Steelheads from unauthorized NTP servers. With RiOS 8.0, enterprises now have additional deployment options with the addition of access to TACACS+ servers running on IPv6 networks.

RiOS 8.0 release notes can be found here.