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Brian Dowsing

SteelHead scheduled jobs

Posted by Brian Dowsing May 23, 2018

The following video contains details of how to create a scheduled job on a SteelHead appliance.


Explanation of the traffic flow with the SteelHead SaaS solution:


Traffic flow with SteelHead SaaS - YouTube



This time with corrected link, the previous one was broken.

Brian Dowsing

SteelHead Web Proxy

Posted by Brian Dowsing Mar 29, 2018

Watch this great demo showing you how to configure the SteelHead Web Proxy while highlighting benefits gained from using this feature.

Watch this great video which details how to configure SteelHead appliances to optimize SSL connections.


How to configure QOS Shaping on a SteelHead. Watch this great video which guides you through configuring QoS shaping on a SteelHead appliance.


When there is a problem with your Steelhead appliance or you suspect a network problem related to it, you can call the TAC. The TAC is 24x7 and lots of people do each day, it's often the fastest path towards determining what goes wrong.


But what if you are in a secure environment? Or you don't want to wait the extra time before the case gets assigned to a TAC engineer? Or just want to be able to do the troubleshooting yourself? Or at least be able to understand what they are looking at and talking about?


A group of Riverbed TAC engineers have worked on an internal troubleshooting document to kick start new TAC engineers. It describes the design of the Steelhead appliance, the working of the optimization service and the setup of optimized TCP sessions, installation and operation related issues, various latency optimization related issues, on how to use the various CLI tools to troubleshoot and how you can deal with the contents of the system dump.


A public version of this document has now been made available for Riverbed customers, you can download it at http://rvbd.ly/1p5MMgu. Download your copy today and enjoy having the knowledge on the Steelhead appliances which power your network!


Index of the book:

Abstract / Preface
Chapter 1. Introduction to WAN Optimization
Chapter 2. The Riverbed Approach to WAN Optimization
Chapter 3. The Command Line and Tools
Chapter 4. Installation Related Issues
Chapter 5. Operation Related Issues
Chapter 6. System Dump
Chapter 7. Different Network Troubleshooting Scenarios
Chapter 8. Latency Optimization
Chapter 9. Logging
Chapter 10. Further Help and Support
Appendix A. Jargon
Appendix B. Troubleshooting workflow for network performance related issues

Riverbed University is excited to announce the availability of two new Steelhead RiOS 8.x advanced implementation instructor-led courses that are offered by Riverbed Professional Services.

WAN310 Optimizing Enterprise Applications and Protocols
WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures

Each of these new courses builds upon the pre-requisite WAN200 Optimization Essentials course and have been engineered to meet the demand from Riverbed customers and partners to learn about the new features and implementation best practices for RiOS products in complex enterprise environments.


What You Need to Know


Effective December 13, 2013, Riverbed Professional Services will no longer offer the 4-day Steelhead Advanced Deployment & Troubleshooting (“SADT”) class. For students interested in taking this class, all of the course material has been updated and integrated into the 5-day WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures course that will be offered starting in December.

The WAN310 Optimizing Enterprise Applications and Protocols course will be offered starting in late Q1 and will appear on the training schedule by February.


WAN310 Optimizing Enterprise Applications and Protocols (50 Training Credits)

View Course Outline

This 5-day solution-focused class offers an in-depth experience to the Riverbed® Optimization System (RiOS®) with hands-on configuration of applications and protocols using the Steelhead Appliance and Central Management Console. This class provides common and advanced scenarios for layer 7 application acceleration of video, e-mail, HTTP, terminal service environments, and storage replication protocols, as well as describing the use of the Virtual Services Platform. The class also provides details on optimizing UDP and IPV6 traffic and ways to securely encrypt all types of optimized data.

This course is specifically designed for Riverbed customers and resellers/partners involved in the administration of application servers, Active Directory, and of deployment of the Riverbed Steelhead product family in enterprise environments.


WAN350 Implementing Enterprise Optimization Architectures (50 Training Credits)

View Course Outline

This 5-day solution-focused class offers an in-depth experience to the Riverbed Optimization System (RiOS®) with hands-on installation and configuration experience using the Steelhead Appliance and Virtual Steelhead with Central Management Console deployment integration. This class provides common and advanced scenarios with QoS and both serial and parallel Steelhead clusters as well as virtual In-path lab-intensive deployments in PBR, WCCP and Interceptor infrastructure solutions.

This course is specifically designed for Riverbed customers and resellers/partners involved in the design or deployment of the Riverbed Steelhead product family in more complex enterprise environments.


How To Buy


You may register and pay for a class online with a credit card by selecting the class from the course schedule at http://www.riverbed.com/services-training/#Training.

You can also buy training credits by purchase order, please contact your Riverbed partner or sales representative.

Training Credits, 1 Credit = $100 USD

Riverbed University training credits provide an easy and convenient method to purchase high-quality Riverbed training courses. Credits are a simple way to purchase training that may be applicable to your team at a later date.

Credits are redeemable within six months by any employee within an organization for any Riverbed University classroom or instructor-led online (ILO) general training course. By purchasing bulk training credits, organizations minimize the number of purchases and ensure teams can attend training as needs arise (new releases, new employees, etc.).

Customer SKU – (50) SVC-TRA-CRCUST01-C
Partner NFR SKU – (50) SVC-TRA-CRPTNR01-P




If you have any questions, please email university@riverbed.com.

The Riverbed Professional Services Sales Team is happy to help with quoting and scoping.
Americas - ps-sales-americas@riverbed.com
EMEA - ps-sales-emea@riverbed.com
APJ - ps-sales-apj@riverbed.com

Microsoft Office 365 optionally includes the right to install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus, a full-featured version of Microsoft Office, on up to five devices per user. This version has several modifications suited to an online service offering, for example, licensing and activation occur automatically over the Internet. In addition, Microsoft has designed Office 365 ProPlus with Click-to-Run installation technology. Click-to-Run streams the setup so you can start using Office before installation is finished and you can install this version of Office side-by-side with previous versions


Installing Office 365 ProPlus from the online Office 365 Portal is very convenient, but as with all cloud services, there are trade-offs. When you install Office from the Internet there may be latency or bandwidth concerns. In addition, in-house ITcannot customize or control Office 365 ProPlus installations from the Office 365 portal.


To avoid overconsumption of Internet bandwidth and allow control over deployments, Microsoft recommends that you install Office 365 ProPlus from a local share. Over 1 GB of information traverses the network for each installation, which can strain WAN connections between branch offices and corporate data centers.


This performance brief shows how WAN optimization technology provided by Riverbed® Steelhead® appliances significantly reduces and potentially eliminates bandwidth concerns when installing Office 365 ProPlus over a WAN.

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