• "Cannot change link characteristics when SoL/IDER is active" at changing speed/duplex on primary interface

    When I see this message when I change speed or duplex setting of primary interface. And after changing primary interface to be interface primary duplex full interface primary speed "100" and when I connected it ...
    koji baba
    created by koji baba
  • Require HTTPS on Primary MGT Interface

    Is there a way to require that https be used on the primary management web page?  I would like to be able to redirect from port 80 to 443.   Thanks...
    TurboWarp .
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  • Exchange 2010 (WinXP or Win7) won't optimise - cannot decrypt

    Hi,   In my environment we were running Exchange 2007 fine and had optimisation working well.  We have recently migrated to Exchange 2010 and no longer get any optimisation.  We would see all sessions...
    Ian Triggs
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  • Port 7800 listed under current connections

         When troubleshooting a network with 56 Steelheads, I had a look at the current passthrough connections on one Steelhead at a branch site. I noticed that all sites were connecting to this branch S...
    Mike Bailey
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  • VLAN bridging question

    Hi guys, While reading Steelhead deployment guide 9.6 , VLAN bridging section there is one thing I'm not sure of ... When we consider VLAN bridging solution , what VLAN-ID should we configure on in-path0_0 interface...
    Michal Bencko
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  • SNMP Traps

    Hi All, Looking through the SteelHead documentation I see SNMP traps can be enabled. I don't however see any options to enable certain traps and disable others, i.e custom trap configuration. Can anyone with experien...
    Matthew Eason
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  • Help configure a SteelHead on single Layer-3 switch

    Hi all need a bit of help here   a few of our sites are use a single layer 3 switch to do all the routing, either c3750x or c3750g, with either a fibre or copper presentation from the NTE   They could do ...
    Wayne McCarthy
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  • Only want to enable QOS markings for certain urls

    My client's network already uses the CE routers to perform QOS marking and policing/shaping.  I'd like to enable the steelheads to start marking certain traffic for urls like apple.com.  NBAR on the routers ...
    Cathleen Cavanagh
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  • DHCP requests from statically addressed Primary Interface

    We have noticed that that the Primary interface broadcasts DHCP requests even though the IP address is manually configured and DHCP is disabled. The MAC address in these broadcasts is actually slightly higher than the...
    Donald Russell
    created by Donald Russell
  • only 1 wan with 2 router

    hi everybody, in my network mpls, i have a different branch offices. every office have a one cx 255 with 2 router cisco.(first primary data e secondary backup) i want to connect every router with the wan. in this m...
    alessandro 80
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         I ahve acquired some USED Riverbed Steelhead devices & I need to get the RESET to factory defaults so I can try & start working with them. Could someone give me some guidance on how to ac...
    Mark Brey
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  • SteelHead EX 4.5.0

    SteelHead EX version 4.5.0 is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/ex-appliance.html
    Max Tachis
    created by Max Tachis
  • SSL traffic optimisation

    Hello,   I would like to optimise HTTPS traffic but it's not clear to me.   * First: I'm able right now to forward non ssl traffic such as standard http through secure peering (SSL)   * Now I would l...
    Mikael J
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  • SteelHead CX 9.2.1

    SteelHead CX version 9.2.1 is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/cx-appliance.html
    Max Tachis
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  • Riverbed QoS

    Helo,   Could any tell since we are marking our traffic with qos and wan routers are doing qos enforcement. what should be the use case and benefit of enabling qos on riverbed device?   Thanks Hemant
    Hemant Sharma
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  • SteelHead CX 9.1.3a

    SteelHead CX version 9.1.3a is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelhead/cx-appliance.html
    Max Tachis
    created by Max Tachis
  • Timestamp in the CSV export of the Connection History

    I am trying to find the most efficient way to determine what the peak optimized connections are in a given time frame.  Using the SCC I tried to export the connection history for a specific device to a CSV file.&...
    George L
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  • Questions About RIOS Copyright (GPL)

    Hi all, A customer asked me about the RIOS copyright using modified kernel in opensource linux (Fedora). How to Riverbed licensed the RIOS without need to distribute the source to GPL? Anybody have any idea about...
    luisphellipe .
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  • How can I clear Warning error message in System Details

      Hello all,   As you can see, there is a Warning message about intercept in System Details. How can i clear or treat this? please guide me,   Thank you.
    SeungEun Baek
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  • What is XYZ$$parent_class?

    Hello,   last days I enabled QoS basic on Riverbed Steelhead appliances. Today I mentioned that I can select additional class in QoS monitor which is called XYZ$$parent_class. (XYZ differs from location to loca...
    Sven Warnke
    created by Sven Warnke