• what is hot mode

    Hi All,   In enterprise network all brach office are having EXSi riverbed which has connected with CX steelhead at data center. Client ask me can we use host mode for all. Could you please explain what is host m...
  • Performance Brief - Servers Deployment Over The WAN

    Performance Brief - Microsoft Windows Server Deployment over a WAN with SteelFusion
    Amit Sawant
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  • Pinned Luns

    Dear Folks , I am studying steelfusion and confused about something . Let's assume without steelfusion the users at the branch make changes/additions on the database application server at the branch . If I deploy s...
    Islam Imran
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  • Backup of SteelFusion using Veeam

    I have a (Veeam) customer who has recently purchased SteelFusion.  However, they are struggling to back it up with Veeam at the DC.  They could back it up at the branch but this would rather defeat the point...
    Dave Spence
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  • Jumbo Frame Configuration

    Hello folks,   I'm working in a PoC and I suggest to use jumbo frames as recommended by the user guide, however the client wants to keep all the MTU in 1500. There is any issue that my occur if we do not use jum...
    Marcio Andrade
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  • EMC & SteelFusion Solution Brief

    Describes a combined solution for consolidation, control and agility.
    Mahboob Alikhan
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