We are very excited to announce the availability of Riverbed Granite 2.6!

Granite storage delivery expedites branch office recovery after disaster or outage, centrally protects and secures data, and significantly lowers the TCO of remote offices.


What is included with the Granite 2.6 software release?

Riverbed® Granite™ 2.6 delivers software enhancements that increase scalability, extend data protection options, and enhance operational efficiency. Advancements in this release include:

·      Higher capacity Virtual Granite Core appliance models that deliver greater capability from a single virtual appliance

·      Enhanced snapshot integration with support for IBM V7000 and a new snapshot handoff framework

·      FIPS-mode support enabling regulated customers to meet federal security and data privacy requirements

·      LUN expansion support that simplifies provisioning of additional centralized capacity to support growing branch requirements

·      Atomic Test and Set (ATS) support to deliver seamless vSphere configuration and increase VM performance

·      Auto-licensing for all Granite appliances to simplify configuration and upgrade management


For additional information, check out our Granite 2.6 Feature Brief.


Once you are ready to try Granite go to our Evaluation Page.


Thank you,

The Granite Marketing Team