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Here are 4 simple steps to help get you going with your SteelFusion deployment


1.  Visit the SteelFusion homepage or read the SteelFusion docs (from support site)


2.  Watch a demo / tutorial video


3.  Peruse the SteelFusion space and ask a question


4.  Feeling adventurous? Request an eval!


We are very excited to announce the availability of Riverbed Granite 2.6!

Granite storage delivery expedites branch office recovery after disaster or outage, centrally protects and secures data, and significantly lowers the TCO of remote offices.


What is included with the Granite 2.6 software release?

Riverbed® Granite™ 2.6 delivers software enhancements that increase scalability, extend data protection options, and enhance operational efficiency. Advancements in this release include:

·      Higher capacity Virtual Granite Core appliance models that deliver greater capability from a single virtual appliance

·      Enhanced snapshot integration with support for IBM V7000 and a new snapshot handoff framework

·      FIPS-mode support enabling regulated customers to meet federal security and data privacy requirements

·      LUN expansion support that simplifies provisioning of additional centralized capacity to support growing branch requirements

·      Atomic Test and Set (ATS) support to deliver seamless vSphere configuration and increase VM performance

·      Auto-licensing for all Granite appliances to simplify configuration and upgrade management


For additional information, check out our Granite 2.6 Feature Brief.


Once you are ready to try Granite go to our Evaluation Page.


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The Granite Marketing Team

Demonstration of SteelFusion branch converged infrastructure.

This demo covers the following aspects of the SteelFusion solution:

  • Connecting to data center storage
  • Provisioning and projecting a virtual machine
  • Local branch performance
  • Disconnected operations
  • Instant Disaster Recovery

Optimizing VMware View

Posted by Bob Gilbert Feb 22, 2013

There are 3 ways in which Steelhead WAN optimization can improve the performance of VMware View.


1. Steelhead provides benefit for USB redirection and print traffic with about 60% bandwidth reduction for this traffic


2. For PCoIP, RiOS 8.0 provides QoS capabilities to identify PCoIP packet priorities and provide granular QoS classification


3. With Granite, you can completely eliminate PCoIP traffic across the WAN and move branch office user desktops to the branch for local execution. The solution offers bandwidth and latency reduction as well as access to desktops during WAN outages


Here is a presentation and demo covering Riverbed on VMware View


Here are 3 simple steps to help get you going with your SteelFusion deployment


1.  Read the SteelFusion product docs (from Riverbed support site)


2.  Watch a demo / tutorial video


Demo of Riverbed's Granite Edge Virtual Server Infrastructure (Video)


3.  Peruse the Granite discussion forum and ask a question

Written by Chris Jablonksi on November 16, 2012


The creativity of our technical marketing team knows no bounds. They’ve released a video worthy of Sundance film festival consideration that provides a glimpse into the power of enterprise information technology available today.


You can now build a “stateless branch” office by achieving 100% consolidation of edge servers, applications, and data into the data center…in 5 minutes! Watch the video to learn how.

written by M. Kelly on February 1, 2012


Every once in a while as a technology professional you get an opportunity to work on something disruptive.  This one is big.


Today Riverbed introduced an architectural approach to consolidated IT known as edge virtual server infrastructure (Edge-VSI).  At the core of edge-VSI is Granite, a first of its kind edge server consolidation product.


Edge-VSI does for edge servers outside of the data center what virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) did for desktops:  allow IT to consolidate edge servers in the data center, without impacting application performance at the edge.  To enable this approach, Riverbed introduces Granite, which allows organizations to consolidate servers and storage from edge locations to the data center, yet project the data to the edge of the enterprise as if it were local.


This innovation decouples storage from compute delivering the best of all worlds:  100% consolidation and control of data while delivering LAN-like performance of applications at the edge.  All at up to 50% of the costs of traditional, distributed infrastructure.


In addition to Granite, Riverbed introduced two new Steelhead product series:

  • Steelhead CX  - a series of dedicated WAN optimization appliances for the WAN optimization enthusiast
  • Steelhead EX - an enterprise-class branch office appliance series featuring WAN optimization and a VMware virtualization hypervisor for the consolidation enthusiast


Both Steelhead CX and Steelhead EX appliances have more resources (CPU, memory) and deliver more impressive specifications (throughput, TCP connections) than previous models.  Enjoy!

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