• Is there a plan to support LACP on LAN interfaces, and if so, when and on what models. LACP is very commonly used, as it can be used as a  simple physical link redundancy mechanism, and obviously provides increased capacity.

    LACP is supported by *all* enterprise grade networking equipment, and is very commonly used, espcially when connecting the site  router to the switching core. As all intervlan traffic will pass through the SDi Ga...
    Gavin Scallan
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  • Does SteelConnect Gateway support statics routes on WAN Side?

    Let's assume that I have this simple topology on a branch office.   I want to remove firewall device and instead of it, install a SteelConnect Gateway device as shown in image below.   I have not found...
    Erick Munoz
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  • Query on SDNWAN with WAN-Opt

    I am a newbie in understanding the various Riverbed product line. So apologies for possibly a very naive question.   From what I read, looks for centralized mgmt. of SteelHead, we may want to get a SteelCentral ...
    Hemant Krishnan
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  • Seggestions about the best way to deploy SCGateway in this particular network topology.

    I have this network topology in two data centers. I need to deploy SCGateways and them will be in charge of AutoVPN and traffic distribution (Internet and MPLS)     I think tha the best place to instal...
    Erick Munoz
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  • create application O365, which URLs?

    Hi, idea is to create a O365 application with a rule to send these traffic direct to internet. Problem is O365 use many URLs, which I need to add to the application? MS provide a powershell script to create a file wi...
    Rainer Struckmann
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  • Steelhead-SD FW Approved Topologies

    I'm attempting to find some documentation in the deployment guide for SteelConnect and Steelhead-SD.    I'd like to know the proper way to install Steelhead-SD with a 3rd party NGFW checkpoint or PaloAlto....
    John Nichols
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  • SD-WAN Controller over MPLS circuit

    I have a MPLS circuit and an Internet circuit coming into data center.  If the internet circuit goes down for more than 24 hours, what is required for the SteelConnect gateways to make calls to the SD-WAN control...
    Stephen Pashia
    created by Stephen Pashia
  • Steelconnect Unlock code

    Hello Folks,   We are doing a POC in a custumer so we have two CX770 with SteelOS (Acceleration + SD). when we try to insert this appliance to the Steelconnect Manager with the serial number or by cellphone we ...
    Bruno Navarro
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  • Can I try SteelCentral NetProfiler  for SteelConnect

    I wanna try this visibility solution https://www.riverbed.com/document/fpo/Products/steelconnect/Solution%20Brief%20-%20SteelConnect%20Visibility.pdf but I don't find more information about it, can I get a trial ve...
    Erick Munoz
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  • Is there any document whit SteelConnect NGFW/UTM specific features?

    Hello. Is there any document whit SteelConnect NGFW/UTM specific features? like threat protection, antispam, IDS/IPS, malware monitoring, web filtering, etc.
    Erick Munoz
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  • SteelConnect and Interceptor topology

    What's the purpose of the interceptor in a cluster topology with three SDI-5030s? Is it really needed?
    Bruno Oliveira
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  • How can I configure uplink static public IP address

    How can I configure uplink static public IP address. I have the scenario shown in the image. I want to put x.x.x.18/28 over WAN1 interface and outbound nat for zone 1000 to this public IP.   I tried over Net...
    Erick Munoz
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    Hi All,   can anyone tell me steel connect SD WAN Solution satisfy all requirement of Inbound & Out bound load balance?
    Pranav Gohil
    created by Pranav Gohil
  • Steelconnect solution Sizing

    Dear community, Would you share your experience and best practices to size a steelconnect solution ? Do we need to focus on bandwidth only ? or number of user also ? For example looking at the datasheet https://ww...
    David Ponsdesserre
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  • Principal KB articles per product area

    For your awareness, a number of Contributors have helped to put together some Principal KB articles per Riverbed Product area within the Support Knowledgebase. These articles group our most commonly viewed, linked a...
    David Molyneux
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  • steelconnect new user experience feedback

    create this discussion to share the user experience and feedback of steelconnect. hope can help to impove the product.
    colin xia
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  • WLAN configuring BSS for  different Access point

    How to configure different BSS for WLAN2 router that support to WLAN interface on OPNET Modeler 14.5 ? when i run the simulation i get that error "More than one Access Point found within the same BSS (BSS ID = 4)or in...
    Reham Gad
    created by Reham Gad
  • Integrating Amazon Echo with SteelConnect

    Ever thought of configuring your network using voice commands?   A Riverbed engineer did this in his free time. He leveraged the Amazon and Riverbed APIs to create a seamless integration between voice control in...
    Akshay Kakar
    created by Akshay Kakar
  • How to integrate SteelHead with SteelConnect?

    Hi;   SteelConnect is a fantastic SD-WAN solution, but how do we bring in the WAN optimization in it     Kindly Wasfi
    Wasfi Bounni
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  • Business-aligned management of hybrid networks

    SteelConnect is an SD-WAN solution and true to the intent of SD-WAN, it makes management intuitive and aligned with business workflows. Management is done for applications, users and locations, by defining their perfo...
    Akshay Kakar
    created by Akshay Kakar