The October 2014 edition of the SteelCentral NetAuditor Advisory Service update is now available for versions 18.0.0 and 18.0.1. This update includes 2 new security advisory rules and 3 updated security advisory rules.


  • New Security Advisory Rules
    1. ASA VPN Failover Command Injection Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20141008-asa)
    2. Riverbed SteelHead Shellshock Vulnerability (S24997)


  • Updated Security Advisory Rules
    1. IOS DHCP DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20130925-dhcp)
    2. Riverbed SteelHead Heartbleed Vulnerability (S23635)
    3. IOS Object-group ACL Bypass Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20090923-acl)


You can download this update directly from NetAuditor by:

  • Manually selecting NetDoctor / Advisories / Download Now, or
  • Adding an automation step to download new update.

See user guide section: "Modules / NetDoctor / SteelCentral NetAuditor Advisory Service"


You can also download the patch installer from the SAS Website (requires login).

Please contact Riverbed Technical Support with your questions/comments.



SteelCentral NPCM Product Management