The August 2014 edition of Sentinel Advisory Service update is now available for Sentinel version 17.5 PL6. This update includes 12 new security advisory rules and 5 updated security advisory rules listed below.


Note: Future updates for advisories with a temporal score greater than 7 will be released two weeks from the date of announcement and general updates will be posted on a quarterly basis.


  • New Security Advisory Rules
    1. IOS ZBFW SIP Inspection DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20130327-cce)
    2. IOS NAT DNS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140326-nat)
    3. IOS TCP Input Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140326-nat)
    4. IOS NAT of SIP over TCP vulnerability (cisco-sa-20110928-nat)
    5. IOS NAT of crafted SIP over UDP packets DoS vulnerabilities (cisco-sa-20110928-nat)
    6. IOS and IOS XE EnergyWise Crafted Packet DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140806-energywise)
    7. IOS IPv6 DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20110928-ipv6)
    8. IOS SIP DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140326-sip)
    9. ASA SSL VPN Authentication Bypass Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140409-asa)
    10. ASA SIP DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140409-asa)
    11. IOS SSL VPN DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140326-ios-sslvpn)
    12. IOS Crafted IPv6 Packet DoS Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140326-ipv6)


  • Updated Security Advisory Rules
    1. Cisco Security Advisory - Cisco IOS Software Zone-Based Firewall Vulnerabilities
    2. Cisco Security Advisory - OSPF LSA Manipulation Vulnerability in Multiple Cisco Products (cisco-sa-20130801-lsaospf)
    3. Cisco Security Advisory - Cisco IOS ZBFW Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20130925-cce)
    4. Cisco Security Advisory - Cisco ASA ASDM Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140409-asa)
    5. Cisco Security Advisory - Cisco ASA SSL VPN Privilege Escalation Vulnerability (cisco-sa-20140409-asa)


You can download this update directly from Sentinel by:

  • Manually selecting NetDoctor / Advisories / Download Now, or
  • Adding an automation step to download new advisories

See user guide section: "Modules / NetDoctor / Sentinel Advisory Service"


You can also download the patch installer from the SAS Website (requires login).

Please contact Riverbed Technical Support with your questions/comments.



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