• Application Flow Based Routing and Network QoS Improvement

    Authors: M. Hashimoto   More details: In our study, IP flows are divided into multiple flows. This division of a flow is done with header portions of the layers above IP layer, and, thus, is considered as appl...
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  • Converged optical networks for video and data distribution in hospitality environments

    Authors: Artundo I, Garcia-Roger D, Ortega B, Campany J   More details: Current hospitality networks are already lagging behind in terms of broadband adoption and high-speed online offered services, and they m...
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  • Is the HOLSR model available anywhere?

    Is the HOLSR model mentioned in the article "Hierarchical OLSR - A Scalable Predictive Routing Protocol for Heterogeneous Ad Hoc Networks" available anywhere?  The e-mail addresses that I have for the authors are...
    William Windham
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  • Unresolved external symbol error in OPNET 14.5

    I'm trying to replicate some previous research done by a former student in my research group. The project is a simulation of security camera streaming network and was done using OPNET 14.5A. I setup OPNET 14.5 to use...
    Loren Garavaglia
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  • i try to create a lte model (on modeler 17.5 Academic version) and i get this error "Unrecognized builtin command show_all_logs for System Window" i run it on Win7 64Bits see the file for details

    i try to create a lte model (on modeler 17.5 Academic version) and i get this error "Unrecognized builtin command show_all_logs for System Window" i run it on Win7 64Bits see the file for details
    Jules Cesar Belemsobgo
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  • External code file (bgp_real_payload_support) compilation failed

    Dear Splash Community, We are developing very simple SITL model. The model it self is composed of following component, VLC Server - SITL Gateway - Router - SITL Gateway - VLC Client, so this is REAL-SIM-REAL scenario...
    Goran Josipovic
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  • MPLS Simulation Configuration

    I have been trying to simulate the network attached  but I am not getting the required output statistics especially the global statistics. Any help please. The network configuration info is provided Site1 = CE_...
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  • Extended Adaptive Rate Allocation for Distributed Flow Control of Multiclass Services in Next Generation Networks

    Authors: G. Abbas, A. K. Nagar, and H. Tawfik, J. Y. Goulermas   More details: Abstract—Next Generation Networks (NGN) are envisaged to see a vast and inevitable convergence of diverse multimedia and mob...
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  • Need Contributed models

    I am new to opnet I wanted to download some contributed models. How do I do that?
    Francis Fofie
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  • SIP & MIP Integration within IMS

    Author: James Wright   The provided hybrid and integrated Modeler network simulation models are provided so researchers can investigate the effect of MIP mobility within IMS. The simulations are based on convers...
    Elvis Ochieng
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  • Performance evaluation of VoIP traffic over the IEEE 802.16e protocol with different modulations and codings

    Victor Rangel
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  • Looking For Opnet Modeler

    Hai, Could i know how can i get quotation and contact detail for university project. Already send email to university@opnet.com but didn't reply.   1)      Modeler Wireless Suite Single...
    Nor Aini Yaacob
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  • Edited sm_int_ref tutorial project

    This is a compressed project file archive of the small internetworks reference project that is shipped with Modeler. In this project, the application configuration utility has been edited to include the "Database Acce...
    Elvis Ochieng
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  • Implemeting Algorithm at Mac Layer and Adding Algo Result to Acknowledgement

    Hello Everyone,   I am a student of MPhil and currently working on my thesis. I am facing a scenario which I want to implement. I want to implement an algorithm at Mac Layer on receiving side and add some inform...
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  • Communication WiMAX en milieu maritime - Supervision de champs d��oliennes

    Authors: P. Krzanik, A. Wei and E. Gressier-Soudan   More details: Our paper dipslays firt an analysis of energy supervision, then it presents an alternative solution using WIMAX. This solution is studied usin...
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  • Performance Analysis of Optimized Smooth Handoff in Mobile IP

    Authors: C. Blondia; N. Van den Wijngaert;  G. Willems and O. Casals   More details: Mobile IP allows node mobility involving changes of point-of-attachment to the Internet. In order to reduce the impact ...
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  • IEEE 802.16 Wireless Mesh Networks with Distributed Scheduling

    Authors: Gustavo Vejarano, PhD. - University of Florida   More details: An 802.16 mesh mode with distributed  scheduling wireless mesh network (WMN) simulation model is developed for  the evaluation ...
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  • A Semi Markov-based Analysis of Rate Adaptation Algorithms in Wireless LANs

    Authors: A. Singh, D. Starobinski   More details: Rate adaptation plays a key role in determining the performance of wireless LANs. In this paper, we introduce a semi-Markovian framework to analyze the perform...
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  • Cisco ACE Duplicate MAC Addresses

    Authors: Charlie Lesane
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  • Performance evaluation of transport protocols for Internet-based teleoperation systems

    Authors: Jae-young Lee, Shahram Payandeh, and Ljiljana Trajkovic   More details: An Internet-based teleoperation system is an interactive application where a human user transmits movement data of a robotic dev...
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