• NAT ???

    Hy everybody!   I have tried to replicate the Network Address Translation (NAT) layout reported within the Riverbed documentation (I'm working in the Project editor, only). I have put the ip_traffic_flow_alt fl...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • How to activate OPNET 18.6 university license

    I download OPNET modeler 18.6 that is a university program, but I could not use it. How to activate it?
    Chalakorn Karupongsiri
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  • Voip traffic using 802.11n wifi

    Hi, i would like to ask some help. I need to examine, how co-channel and adjacent channel interference affecting voip parameters (jitter, MOS value, end to end delay). Riverbed Modeler version 17.5 A PL 6.To do this i...
    Paulius Paule
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  • How do I use the built-in CSMA/CA module in OPNET 17.5 ?

    Hello All,   I am working on building a protocol for a wireless sensor node, so to create the node, I designed and implemented a module to model the application layer, and then I used the built-in CSMA/CA modul...
    Majid Al
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  • How to set VoIP and Data traffic on a Workstation and Server Node

    I can trying to setup a basic network 6 Workstation nodes and one server node connected through a Ethernet 8 switch and connected with 1000Base-T cable, I need to test the network performance with normal data and IP t...
    Shaun Donaldson
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  • Failure on try run opnet and external code

    I try to connect opnet with external code but I have these issues (as in file attached ) this problem appear when I try to run this command : op_mksim -net_name project1-scenario1 -c -kernel_type optimized Note: I...
    ahmed salem
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  • Model Directory for 802.15.4/ZigBee OPNET Simulation Model-Run time errors

    Dear All, I added Model Directory for 802.15.4/ZigBee OPNET Simulation Model-Version 2.1 in both 14.5 and 17.5 OPNET versions   Model Directory of WPAN-model is not listed in 14.5 version Model Directory of WP...
    Zafar Iqbal
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  • SteelCentral Modeler 18.0 software releases is now available

    The software download and detailed release notes are available on the support site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelcentral-npm/modeler-index.html     Regards, The Riverbed Supp...
    Phyllis Nguyen
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  • External code file (bgp_real_payload_support) compilation failed

    Dear Splash Community, We are developing very simple SITL model. The model it self is composed of following component, VLC Server - SITL Gateway - Router - SITL Gateway - VLC Client, so this is REAL-SIM-REAL scenario...
    Goran Josipovic
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  • Looking For Opnet Modeler

    Hai, Could i know how can i get quotation and contact detail for university project. Already send email to university@opnet.com but didn't reply.   1)      Modeler Wireless Suite Single...
    Nor Aini Yaacob
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