• NAT ???

    Hy everybody!   I have tried to replicate the Network Address Translation (NAT) layout reported within the Riverbed documentation (I'm working in the Project editor, only). I have put the ip_traffic_flow_alt fl...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • sinkhole / blackhole attack

    Hello All,   I am thinking to purchase the Riverbed Modeler but I would like to find out if there are any who have successfully implemented sinkhole attack and/or blackhole attack in Riverbed Modeler.  I cu...
    Mike Akpoghiran
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  • Import satellite orbit error

    I have been trying to import STK file onto Opnet 18.6. I am using STK version 11.3. I followed the Wireless > Modeling Wireless Networks > Orbits tutorial . I am getting following error " Cannot import STK...
  • OPNET example for satellite communication

    I am looking for a OPNET example showing communication between a satellite and a device on the ground. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
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  • Antenna Pattern File

    I am trying to select antenna pattern for my transmitter. In addition to OPNET's standard antenna model files, is there a place where I can find a text or antenna pattern file that I could import to OPNET? Thanks.
    Kelvin Ma
    created by Kelvin Ma
  • Version control Riverbed Modeler 18.6

    Hi, Is there way to version control (preferably git) the code written in Riverbed Modeler 18.6 software running on a Linux system? Thanks.
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
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  • Packet Sniffing

    I am trying to view the contents of transmitted packet during simulation. As of now I am able to see the content of packet during the debugger stage. Is there a packet sniffing tool that allows one to see the packets ...
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
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  • Is there an IEEE 802.21 MIH implementation for OPNET shared by people?

    I am looking for an implementation of the Media Independent Handover (MIH) for vertical handover management  on OPNET. Thanks!
    Mohamed Kassab
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  • Low Data Rate Radio Models

    Are there any low data rate (2400-9600 bps) radio models (such as SINCGARS or Thales PR4G) publicly available?  I understand that NETWARS/JCSS include such models, but they are not publicly available.
    William Windham
    created by William Windham
  • Parameter mismatch when compiling code as C++

    I've been working with custom version of the wlan_mac_hcf model. Some of the work that I'm doing is easier to implement in C++ rather than C, so I checked the "Enable C++ Code Generation" option when I compile my code...
    Loren Garavaglia
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  • Using Boost Threading with Opnet

    I'm trying to create a thread with one of my nodes using the boost library. My intent is that this thread will continue running in the background collecting input data for the node while to node does the more intensiv...
    Loren Garavaglia
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  • Voip traffic using 802.11n wifi

    Hi, i would like to ask some help. I need to examine, how co-channel and adjacent channel interference affecting voip parameters (jitter, MOS value, end to end delay). Riverbed Modeler version 17.5 A PL 6.To do this i...
    Paulius Paule
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  • How do I use the built-in CSMA/CA module in OPNET 17.5 ?

    Hello All,   I am working on building a protocol for a wireless sensor node, so to create the node, I designed and implemented a module to model the application layer, and then I used the built-in CSMA/CA modul...
    Majid Al
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  • How to set VoIP and Data traffic on a Workstation and Server Node

    I can trying to setup a basic network 6 Workstation nodes and one server node connected through a Ethernet 8 switch and connected with 1000Base-T cable, I need to test the network performance with normal data and IP t...
    Shaun Donaldson
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  • Hi, I start a research about  Zookeeper, a part of Hadoop. I want to simulate it in OPNET.

    I want to ask that whether the node in OPNET could simulate the Zookeeper? How to configure it? or this could not be achieved? Thank you!
    snobby feng
    created by snobby feng
  • Failure on try run opnet and external code

    I try to connect opnet with external code but I have these issues (as in file attached ) this problem appear when I try to run this command : op_mksim -net_name project1-scenario1 -c -kernel_type optimized Note: I...
    ahmed salem
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  • Issues calling an external process during simulation

    I'm trying to call an external command prompt process during a simulation.  In order to do that I call the process using the following code:   CreateProcess(NULL,   // No module name (use command ...
    Loren Garavaglia
    created by Loren Garavaglia
  • Video Streaming Documentation

    I've currently got a project set up to simulate a security camera network, it utilizes the ma_wlan_station_adv models to simulate the security cameras and the ma_wlan_server_adv model as my destination server.  I...
    Loren Garavaglia
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  • Model Directory for 802.15.4/ZigBee OPNET Simulation Model-Run time errors

    Dear All, I added Model Directory for 802.15.4/ZigBee OPNET Simulation Model-Version 2.1 in both 14.5 and 17.5 OPNET versions   Model Directory of WPAN-model is not listed in 14.5 version Model Directory of WP...
    Zafar Iqbal
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  • Rate Adpative WLAN (802.11n) in Opnet

    Hello all,   I am looking to implement a Rate Adaptive WLAN (adapting the rate based on the SNR measurements). More precisely, this is my decomposed network set up -   1. 1 AP - 1 Client 2. Completely dow...