• QoE (quality-of-experience) or Mean Opinion Score (MOS) how is calculated in opnet."

    Dear all, I am using OPNET in my research.  using QoE as a measurement in my wireless handover case study. As you know the QoE it has been calculated by OPNET easily and we just get the result (0 to 5) as a MOS...
    created by Omar ALDHAIBANI
  • Error loading object in Riverbed Modeler 18.6

    Hello, I have a simple scenario set up with a satellite, one single band fixed jammer, and one mobile node. When removing the node and trying to run the simulation I receive an error message with "error loading object...
    Kelvin Ma
    created by Kelvin Ma
  • Create a copy of the whole packet traffic that flows through the network (port mirroring or switched port analyzer)

    Hello,   I have a question about how to create a copy of the whole packet traffic that flows through the network, by working on the Project editor.. To this aim, I want to make the port mirroring. Figure 1 sho...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • Can anyone help me to find a solution for this message

    Hi, I'm a student, I have a project on modifying AODV process model to Implement some functions, when I compile my AODV process model with the modification I did It compiles correctly without errors, but when I run th...
    last modified by SHADA AMAN
  • Import satellite orbit error

    I have been trying to import STK file onto Opnet 18.6. I am using STK version 11.3. I followed the Wireless > Modeling Wireless Networks > Orbits tutorial . I am getting following error " Cannot import STK...
  • OPNET example for satellite communication

    I am looking for a OPNET example showing communication between a satellite and a device on the ground. Thanks in advance for your help.
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
    last modified by Rohith Radhakrishnan
  • Antenna Pattern File

    I am trying to select antenna pattern for my transmitter. In addition to OPNET's standard antenna model files, is there a place where I can find a text or antenna pattern file that I could import to OPNET? Thanks.
    Kelvin Ma
    created by Kelvin Ma
  • Version control Riverbed Modeler 18.6

    Hi, Is there way to version control (preferably git) the code written in Riverbed Modeler 18.6 software running on a Linux system? Thanks.
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
    last modified by Rohith Radhakrishnan
  • Wlan transmission: Not able to receive packets

    I am using the WLAN Station ADV module to simulate communication between 6 nodes. The traffic generate by each of the node is constant, they all generate at the same time and destination address is broadcast. The node...
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
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  • University Modeler Suite

    Hi everyone, Does the University Modeler Suite include process and node editors? Is the University Modeler Suite license applicable to the latest version of Riverbed Modeler (e.g. 18.6.1) or is it different? And in...
  • Packet Sniffing

    I am trying to view the contents of transmitted packet during simulation. As of now I am able to see the content of packet during the debugger stage. Is there a packet sniffing tool that allows one to see the packets ...
    Rohith Radhakrishnan
    last modified by Rohith Radhakrishnan
  • IS-IS Mapping of TLV Codes to enum IsisT_TLV_Type

    I am learning IS-IS and trying to validate Modeler's implementation.  A key point of confusion is the following table.  Can anyone verify the accuracy of the mapping?   TLV enumIS-IS TLVsIIH PDULS PDUSN...
    Paul Conway
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  • vos_ipc_relmsg_message_read function()

    Hi There:      The simulation gives an error as follows:        <<< Program Fault >>>   * Time:      21:53:40 Fri Aug 11 ...
    last modified by DONG CHEN
  • Modeler User Conference 2015

    We will be holding a user conference in Bethesda, Maryland on February 24-25 2015. This free two day session will feature: Roadmap discussion and opportunities to meet with senior management and Riverbed engineers M...
    John Strohm
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  • Is there an IEEE 802.21 MIH implementation for OPNET shared by people?

    I am looking for an implementation of the Media Independent Handover (MIH) for vertical handover management  on OPNET. Thanks!
    Mohamed Kassab
    last modified by Mohamed Kassab
  • Low Data Rate Radio Models

    Are there any low data rate (2400-9600 bps) radio models (such as SINCGARS or Thales PR4G) publicly available?  I understand that NETWARS/JCSS include such models, but they are not publicly available.
    William Windham
    created by William Windham
  • Wifi and LTE interference problem

    I put Wifi and LTE together, but there is only LTE experience interference by Wifi. Is there any problem in my simulation? Can anyone help me or give me suggestion ? please,my modeler version is 18.5 and my email is ...
    Ging-Yung Fang
    last modified by Ging-Yung Fang
  • Parameter mismatch when compiling code as C++

    I've been working with custom version of the wlan_mac_hcf model. Some of the work that I'm doing is easier to implement in C++ rather than C, so I checked the "Enable C++ Code Generation" option when I compile my code...
    Loren Garavaglia
    last modified by Loren Garavaglia
  • How to activate OPNET 18.6 university license

    I download OPNET modeler 18.6 that is a university program, but I could not use it. How to activate it?
    Chalakorn Karupongsiri
    last modified by Chalakorn Karupongsiri
  • modeler tutorials - CDMA/CD simulation result

    Dear all,   Hi, I am a beginner of Riverbed moduler and I am using 18.6 version. I follow tutorials and I have two questions.   1. small internetworks Using "tutorial_ref > basic > Sm_Int_ref" I can...
    Sung Hyun Park
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