• Why Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 175A PL7 is not working?

    I have Riverbed Modeler Academic Edition 175A PL7, but when i want to open it. it says "could not obtain a license for Modeler Academic Edition" "what causes this?", "The software has expired". Why it is happened?
    Paul Tengangatu
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  • Opnet cosimulation with Matlab

    Hello, I am having trouble with co-simulation between matlab and opnet using the esys module explained in Unlocking the Power of OPNET Modeler book. I have created all the modules, the simulation description file, and...
    Jun Jie Wu
    created by Jun Jie Wu
  • Wireshark and Modeler

    Hello,   someone knows if is it possible to capture packets with Wireshark during my simulation in Modeler (Project Editor)? If it is, how can try to do it?   Thank you!
    Giuseppe Jackson
    created by Giuseppe Jackson
  • NAT ???

    Hy everybody!   I have tried to replicate the Network Address Translation (NAT) layout reported within the Riverbed documentation (I'm working in the Project editor, only). I have put the ip_traffic_flow_alt fl...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • IP aliasing in Modeler???

    Hello,   I need to set three different IP addresses on a physical interface of an ethernet_workstation_adv These IP addresses belong to three different VLANs.   Someone knows how can I do it?   Than...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • Esa_Execute_Until status is always ESAC_STATUS_DURATION even after sim duration is exceeded

    I'm working a simple equivalent to "hello world" with ESA.  I have a simple net model with a single packet source and sink.   The sink writes some stats to an esys interface, and gets a message back fro...
    Timothy Miller
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  • TCP Delay and Segment Delay in Modeler

    Hello,   I would like to understand how Modeler calculate TCP Delay and Segment Delay in the Project Editor of Modeler v.18.6. Please, you can find the layout of an FTP scenario, its setting parameters and simu...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • sinkhole / blackhole attack

    Hello All,   I am thinking to purchase the Riverbed Modeler but I would like to find out if there are any who have successfully implemented sinkhole attack and/or blackhole attack in Riverbed Modeler.  I cu...
    Mike Akpoghiran
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  • How can I drop packet at intervals?

    Hello All,   I am new to OPNET Riverbed Modeler (using the Academic Version) and I would need a bit of help, please. I am working on simulating an attack in MANET and I want to get a particular mobile node to dr...
    Mike Akpoghiran
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  • CLI on Modeler

    Hello,   is there a command line in Riverbed Modeler (OPNET)? How to open and use it?   Thanks... ;)
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • port mirroring

    Hi,   anyone knows how to set port mirroring in the Project Editor?   The network layout is composed by a central node, that is a switch (with the layer 3 module) and 3 hosts (ethernet_workstation_adv) tha...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • Is there a support for DLEP in modeler?

    Is there a support for Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP) RFC 8175 in opnet modeler? I want to simulate it with OSPFv3.
    Anders Gradh
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  • What configurations are needed on LTE enodeb to ensure traffic from radio access network flows through an MPLS LSP in the core network?

    Hi all,   I have a question regarding the configuration of LTE to pass traffic through MPLS path.   My thesis is to simulate an end-to-end LTE network using standard models of Riverbed Modeler. The backhau...
    Nikita Ajit
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  • Import STK orbit general failure

    Hello,   When I try  Topology > Import a single STK file or All STK files, it generally returns this: Unable to convert STK file (C:\Users\guan\Documents\STK 11 (x64)\MANET_Article_Simulation\LEO_1.sa): g...
    Gukyoung An
    created by Gukyoung An
  • Traceroute in Modeler?

    Hello,   can someone tell me if there is a traceroute command in Modeler (by working in the Project Editor) in order to track IP packet data?   Thank you! Cheers,
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • QoE (quality-of-experience) or Mean Opinion Score (MOS) how is calculated in opnet."

    Dear all, I am using OPNET in my research.  using QoE as a measurement in my wireless handover case study. As you know the QoE it has been calculated by OPNET easily and we just get the result (0 to 5) as a MOS...
    created by Omar ALDHAIBANI
  • Error loading object in Riverbed Modeler 18.6

    Hello, I have a simple scenario set up with a satellite, one single band fixed jammer, and one mobile node. When removing the node and trying to run the simulation I receive an error message with "error loading object...
    Kelvin Ma
    created by Kelvin Ma
  • Create a copy of the whole packet traffic that flows through the network (port mirroring or switched port analyzer)

    Hello,   I have a question about how to create a copy of the whole packet traffic that flows through the network, by working on the Project editor.. To this aim, I want to make the port mirroring. Figure 1 sho...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • Can anyone help me to find a solution for this message

    Hi, I'm a student, I have a project on modifying AODV process model to Implement some functions, when I compile my AODV process model with the modification I did It compiles correctly without errors, but when I run th...
    last modified by SHADA AMAN
  • Import satellite orbit error

    I have been trying to import STK file onto Opnet 18.6. I am using STK version 11.3. I followed the Wireless > Modeling Wireless Networks > Orbits tutorial . I am getting following error " Cannot import STK...