• Make your DBA's day..

    I tend to find that Network Admin's and DBA's are the most territorial within IT Departments. They take more time to win over and always blame the "developer for bad code" when the database is questioned, or we get a ...
    Greg O'Reilly
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  • NetProfiler or AR11 ServiceNow Integration

    Has anyone used SNMP to integrate the products above with ServiceNow?  If so, can you share process and screens as well as output of the screens inside ServiceNow?   Thanks! Jamie
    Jamie Lozan
    created by Jamie Lozan
  • Esa_Execute_Until status is always ESAC_STATUS_DURATION even after sim duration is exceeded

    I'm working a simple equivalent to "hello world" with ESA.  I have a simple net model with a single packet source and sink.   The sink writes some stats to an esys interface, and gets a message back fro...
    Timothy Miller
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  • TCP Delay and Segment Delay in Modeler

    Hello,   I would like to understand how Modeler calculate TCP Delay and Segment Delay in the Project Editor of Modeler v.18.6. Please, you can find the layout of an FTP scenario, its setting parameters and simu...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • AppInternals: Can AIX mask query values with sensitive data?

    Hi:   A customer wants to test appinternals, after testing New Relic.   New relic make an "obfuscation" of the DB queries with sensitive data (its portals says so).   This customer wants to know if t...
    Alejandro Tovar
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  • sinkhole / blackhole attack

    Hello All,   I am thinking to purchase the Riverbed Modeler but I would like to find out if there are any who have successfully implemented sinkhole attack and/or blackhole attack in Riverbed Modeler.  I cu...
    Mike Akpoghiran
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  • New SteelCentral NetProfiler v10.13 release now available

    The NetProfiler v10.13 release is now available and provides the following new capabilities… New high-capacity SteelCentral Flow Gateways – Created two new Flow Gateway models – one physical, the o...
    Heidi Gabrielson
    created by Heidi Gabrielson
  • [NetIM] Creating and Modifying the View Filter

    Hello, I have NetIM 1.3 and would like to use filters in Device Manager. In User Guide I found ability, to create my own filter (like on screen number 1). But if I click on Tools I'm able only to Reset Statisitcs (l...
    created by pnakielski
  • How to display in Portal accurate value of metric?

    Hello, does anybody know how to display in Portal 1.5.2 accurate value of metric (from NetIM, User-Defined)? For example: ifOutOctets is 268813 and in Portal it's 268.81 K.     Maybe Neil Farrimond can h...
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  • Are german MS Office transaction definitions available?

    Are there transaction definitions for the german version of MS Office available? regards Herbert
    Herbert Grabmayer
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  • Delay in Ethernet network does not match theory

    Dear users of Opnet/riverbed, I am trying to do something seemingly simple with Modeler but I am failing. I want to calculate the delay (latency) within an Ethernet network comprising of two Ethernet switches. I am ...
    Kenan Hares
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  • SteelCentral Know How Sessions - Riverbed Support Youtube Channel

    SteelCentral Know How Sessions - YouTube
    Andriy Lushnikov
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  • SteelCentral AppResponse 11.4 released

    The SteelCentral AppResponse 11.4 release is chock full of usability and performance enhancements. Also included is a beta release of “Cloud AR11 for AWS.” Cloud AR11 can accept packet feeds from terminati...
    Heidi Gabrielson
    created by Heidi Gabrielson
  • How can I drop packet at intervals?

    Hello All,   I am new to OPNET Riverbed Modeler (using the Academic Version) and I would need a bit of help, please. I am working on simulating an attack in MANET and I want to get a particular mobile node to dr...
    Mike Akpoghiran
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  • CLI on Modeler

    Hello,   is there a command line in Riverbed Modeler (OPNET)? How to open and use it?   Thanks... ;)
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • port mirroring

    Hi,   anyone knows how to set port mirroring in the Project Editor?   The network layout is composed by a central node, that is a switch (with the layer 3 module) and 3 hosts (ethernet_workstation_adv) tha...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • NAT ???

    Hy everybody!   I have tried to replicate the Network Address Translation (NAT) layout reported within the Riverbed documentation (I'm working in the Project editor, only). I have put the ip_traffic_flow_alt fl...
    Giuseppe Jackson
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  • New AppInternals Software available

    SteelCentral AppInternals version 10.12.1h is now available on the Support Site: https://support.riverbed.com/content/support/software/steelcentral-ap/appinternals.html
  • Where does Aternity get software name and version from

    Does anyone know the exact location that Aternity pulls the software name and version from?
    Larry Anderson
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  • How to refresh group name in portal.

    Hello, I have a group in NetIM, for example it's called "Switches L2" and I've built in portal panel with grouping and select group by "group". Now I would like to change this name, so I make a changes in NetIM (by De...
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