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Riverbed is pleased to announce the availability of VNE Server 9.0 and 17.5 PL6 versions of Network & Transport Planner, NetMapper, Sentinel and nCompass. This release includes a variety of new features, enhancements and bug fixes. Some of the key features are mentioned below. Please refer to the Release Notes for the complete list of features.

VNE Server

  • VNE Server Integration with Dashboards 2.2 with additional out of box templates and support for user-defined metrics
  • Out-of-the-box grouping of devices by vendor and function
  • Improved logging and reporting of auto-discovery and LCI process


SP Sentinel and IT Sentinel

  • All existing DISA STIG rules are now updated to support version 8 r15
  • Over 250 new hardware EOL, OS EOL and Security Vulnerability rules



  • IPv6 address and routing information in diagrams
  • Display of Nexus Virtual Port Channel (VPC) configurations
  • Display of static and dynamic IPSec tunnels for ASA firewall and IOS devices
  • Virtualization diagrams showing ASA firewall and FWSM Security contexts


SP Guru Network Planner and IT Guru Network Planner

  • Network Capacity Reports in PDF format
  • Out of the box WAN consolidation report showing potential areas for cost saving
  • Tabular reports that can be docked to the project editor for easy access


SP Guru Transport Planner

  • Single-pass multiple bit rate grooming in transport planner for core and metro networks
  • User-defined shared risk groups with a fail-together option


The Software and Release Notes can be obtained in the OPNET Network Engineering, Operations, and Planning section at

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