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Here are 3 simple steps to help get you going with your SteelCentral deployment


1.  Read the Cascade product docs (from Riverbed support site)


2.  Watch a demo / tutorial video


SteelCentral NetProfiler and Flow Gateway:

Cascade 9.0 Demo (Video)

Problem Identification with Cascade

VXLAN Monitoring with Cascade (Video)

SteelCentral NetShark and Packet Analyzer:

Intro to Cascade Pilot and Cascade Shark

Configuring a Cascade Shark Appliance (Video)

Cascade Pilot Reporting (Video)

Cascade Pilot - Time Control (Video)

Cascade for Wireless

Demo of Cascade Pilot (Video)


3.  Peruse the appropriate SteelCentral discussion forum and ask a question


Cascade Profiler & Gateway

Cascade Shark and Pilot


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