The big news of the NetProfiler 10.11 release is that we doubled the flow capacity. Yes, a 100% increase - from 10 million dedeuplicated flows per minute (FPM) to a whopping 20 million deduped FPM. This equates to 200 million raw flow per minute.


We also made a number of tweaks that resulted in significant performance advancements in query, I/O and reporting. But the real news is that we've been consistently making performance improvements for the past three releases and these gains are really starting to add up.


SteelCentral Flow Gateway Buffering provides data resiliency whenever there is loss of connectivity between the Flow Gateway and NetProfiler or when the NetProfiler is down. Flow Gateway temporarily stores flows on its hard drive until connectivity is restored and the flows can again be delivered to NetProfiler. When connectivity is restored, on-time flows take priority over buffered flows.


Expanding on the recent theme of menu integrations, NetProfiler 10.11 offers a more directed right-click menu option for SteelCentral AppResponse 11. Now when you right click any dashboard and UI widget with Hosts, you get a choice of AppResponse 11 appliances and then a choice of module -- either ASA, WTA, DBA. The link takes you to the Insights page for the selected modules.


NetProfilers 10.11 adds several other usability enhancements, including:

  • The ability to search for interfaces on the Navigate Network Page
  • Moving the Manage Preferred Interface List to Interface Groups
  • Ability to send and receive AppResponse 11 and NetShark flows on AUX
  • Dashboard permission changes