In this release of SteelCentral AppResponse, version 11.1.0, we introduced brand new products and features, in addition to the expected parity features that continue to fill out the AppResponse 11 capabilities.



The AppResponse 2200, 3300, 3800 models can now all upgrade to AppResponse 11. This allows these Hawk boxes to get all the new AppResponse 11 capabilities and modules without a forklift trade up. (The rest of the line will be coming soon!) However, while the upgrade process is destructive, we have created a couple of tools to help smooth things along. The first creates an AppResponse archive VM for your 9.x data. This allows you to refer to your past data but does not allow collection. This is available for both pre-AppResponse 11 upgrades & trade-ups. The second is an Import script for Business Groups and applications configurations, which allows this data to be moved to AppResponse 11 and translated to the appropriate new terminology. For example Business Group to Host Group.


The new, high-end packet capture appliance, SteelCentral AppResponse 8170, is our highest performing and offers an incredible 1.152 PB (that’s petabyte) of storage and double the RAM for increased processing. The 8170 is considered limited availability; which means the hardware is rock solid, but the software is beta and is still being tweaked in order to reach its fullest potential.


SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer Plus (TAP) not only bundles SteelCentral Packet Analyzer Plus with SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer for free, but the cost of Transaction Analyzer Plus has been reduced to $40K to make this transaction analysis and performance prediction tool more affordable for everyone.



AppResponse 11 integrates with SteelCentral Portal. AppResponse is supported on Portal version 1.5.0. With support for application information, connection requests, host groups, connection problems, and top talkers, this enhancement advances SteelCentral’s ability to manage application-aware network performance monitoring as an integral component of Portal’s blended performance management.


New Modules and Other Features

The Database Analysis (DBA) module is an optional module for SteelCentral AppResponse11 for network-based database monitoring. It’s now natively embedded into AppResponse and monitors database transactions and user activity 24x7. Watch the video.


TruePlots are scatter plots showing a metric over time. For example, it can be actual page time measurements for an individual page view or database transactions. The value of TruePlot is that it helps you easily highlight trends and anomalies.


Finally, there’s RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication, which gives AppResponse 11 users and administrators single sign on and new ways to interact with the Web UI.


So, as you can see, the AppResponse engineers were very busy these past few months cranking out great new capabilities for you to use to quickly solve network, application and database performance issues. For more information about these or other AppResponse 11 capabilities, please ask your Riverbed sales representative or partner.