SteelCentral NetProfiler 10.9.5 includes new features that improve integration with SteelCentral AppResponse 11, new ways to create custom application definitions and performance improvements. Reports now run up to 25% faster and pages load faster for flow log configurations and system information. This provides a better user experience and speeds problem resolution.


With this release, SteelCentral NetProfiler, SteelCentral NetExpress and SteelCentral Flow Gateway can now receive flow data from SteelCentral AppResponse 11. Naturally, any data sent from an AppResponse 11 can then be accessed via the click-to-packet feature from NetProfiler reports. Also as a result of this feature, NetProfiler users can auto-recognize more than 1300 applications and they have some of the fastest troubleshooting available, allowing them to go from high-level dashboard views to packets (i.e., the answers) in just a few clicks. In addition, AppResponse 11 can synchronize with NetProfiler application definitions.


We also changed the way you define custom apps. There are now three ways to map traffic attributes to an application name in order to create a custom application definition. You can map:

  • Hosts, host groups, protocols, and ports to an application name
  • Auto-recognized applications to an application name
  • URLs to an application name


The release also these ease-of-use improvements:

  • More selections for traffic unit displays. For example, you can display total traffic volumes in bytes while displaying throughputs in bits per second.
  • "Top" time series displays can be limited to a specified number of 1 to 10.
  • Notifications if a data source is caching flow records before sending or has an active timeout of greater than 60 seconds.
  • Ability to schedule monthly reports to run on a specified nth day of the month and quarterly reports to run on a specified nth day of quarter, regardless of calendar dates.
  • Ability to specify the automatic refresh interval of a Dashboard independently from the data resolution of widgets.
  • Smarter health alert notifications.