Dustin Decker
Hello all, Is there a definitive location somewhere, a matrix perhaps, that identifies what the CURRENT RELEASE VERSION of SteelScript packages are?   For example, I'd like to know just "how out of…
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David Leighs
SteelCentral Aternity Server version 10.0.1 is now available on the support site:
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Colin Findlay
Currently stuck on XMS Enterprise on-prem Version: 8.1.7-8091. Is there any reason why there is a delay in releasing a stable Hyper-V 2016 version? Unfortunately, moving to XMS Cloud is…
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Greg O'Reilly
Not sure if everyone is aware, but we have a feature in NETIM 1.3 and 1.4 (Soon to be released) that is called GMC. GMC stands for General Metric Collector.   If you have been using the Synthetics…
in SteelCentral NetIM
Mark Schmidt
Steelhead SAAS Akamai routing issues with customer in China.  Akamai is routing to an O365 DC on the west coast rather than the appropriate site in Hong Kong.
Joel Butzow
Hello,   It would be helpful to have process-level system utilization metrics - e.g., if an application is instrumented with AppInternals and I want to see what other processes are using CPU, adding…
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mahmoud hassan
Whenever i tried to export sql calls; it is being truncated. Is there is a way to solve this issue? we need the full statement to be sent to our DBA for tuning.   Thanks in advance.
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Jon Hodgson
Part 2 of my blog about the importance of high-resolution data is up! Anyone who analyzes any monitoring data will benefit from it: The "Sound" of Performance Monitoring, Part 2: Aliasing   Part 1…
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Marco Bicudo
AppInternals “Agent Collector”  As applications and infrastructure evolve to the cloud and to a more exposed environments, architects and developers have to adapt their design to cope with the…
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